SNIA Staff

Association Leadership

Leo Leger, Executive Director
Phone: (978) 203-0442

Membership and Sponsorship Services

Marty Foltyn, SNIA Business Development Representative
Phone: (858) 720-9780

Lisa Mercurio, Membership Services Manager
Phone: (781) 293-9860

Business Services and Operations

Michael Meleedy, Business Services and Education Director
Phone: (508) 603-1336

Kelli Martin, Business Services Coordinator
Phone: (719) 694-1385

Education, Certification and Regional Affiliate Programs

Paul Talbut, Global Education and Regional Affiliate Program Director
Phone: +61 (0)424 665024

Erin Weiner, Project and Operations Manager
Phone: (719) 694-1382

Education and Tutorial Programs

Nancy Clay, Education Program Manager
Phone: (325) 347-9501

Marketing and Online Programs

Kristin Hauser, Senior Marketing Manager
Phone: (415) 202-4045

Serena White, Online Programs and Website Manager
Phone: (925) 336-1246

Technical Programs and Support

Arnold Jones, Technical Council Managing Director
Phone: (407) 574-7273

Technology and SMI/CTP Program Management

Tom Mancuso, Senior Technology Operations Manager
Phone (719) 694-1384

James Rigger, Conformance Testing Programs Manager
Phone: (719) 694-1381

Marilyn Fausset, Technical Writer
Phone: (303) 543-8918

John Malia, Technology Systems and Support Engineer
SNIA Technology Infrastructure Manager
Phone: (719) 694-1383

SNIA Headquarters and Technology Center

SNIA Headquarters and Technology Center
4360 ArrowsWest Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-3444 USA
Phone: (719) 694-1380
Fax: (719) 694-1389