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About CSI

CSI is promoting the adoption of cloud storage as a delivery model that provides elastic, on-demand storage billed only for what is used. Whether you are interested in public clouds, private clouds or hybrids the CSI is interested in hearing from you and invites you to join our growing list of members.

Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)

The SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) is an ISO/IEC standard that enables cloud solution vendors to meet the growing need of interoperability for data stored in the cloud.  The CDMI standard is applicable to all types of clouds – private, public and hybrid. There are currently more than 20 products that meet the CDMI specification.

CDMI provides end users with the ability to control the destiny of their data and ensure hassle-free data access, data protection and data migration form one cloud service to another.

CDMI Conformance Test Program (CTP)    

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Building on SNIA’s proven track record of validating industry standards compliance, there is now a CDMI Conformance Test Program (CTP) available. The CDMI CTP validates a cloud product’s conformance to the CDMI standard and offers assurance that the standard has been properly implemented and that data stored will be transportable to any other conformant implementation.

Cloud solution vendors who pass the CDMI CTP certification can display the official SNIA CDMI CTP logo on their product and include it on responses to RFPs. For more information on the CDMI CTP, check-out our FAQ document.

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(As of 22 April, 2014)


2014 CSI Governing Board

Alex McDonald, NetApp - Co-Chair
Philippe Nicolas, Scality - Marketing Chair
Alex McDonald, NetApp - Education Chair
David Slik, NetApp - Cloud Storage TWG Co-Chair
Mark Carlson - Interop Chair, Cloud Storage TWG Co-Chair

The mission of the SNIA CSI is to foster the growth and success of the market for what is generally referred as cloud storage and more generally the use of data storage resources and services in the cloud.

About CSI

CSI is promoting the adoption of cloud storage as a new delivery model, that provides elastic, on-demand storage billed only for what is used.

Whether you are interested in public clouds or private clouds, or even hybrids in between, the CSI is interested in hearing from you.

The simplicity of the cloud means that some long held dreams of information management are finally coming true. The emphasis has moved from managing your storage to managing your data in the cloud:
What are the data requirements?
How do I express those requirements?
Will my cloud storage provider be able to meet them?

Enter the new Cloud Storage standard called CDMI (Cloud Data Management Interface). CDMI lets you tag your data with special metadata (data system metadata) that tells the cloud storage provider what data services to provide that data (backup, archive, encryption, etc). These data services all add value to the data you store in the cloud and by implementing a standard interface such as CDMI, you are free to move your data from cloud vendor to cloud vendor without the pain of recoding to different interfaces.

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