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SMI Annual Memberships

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SMI Large Provider Vendor $31,000 US*
SMI Medium Provider Vendor $20,000 US*
SMI Small Provider Vendor $16,000 US*
SMI Client Vendor $15,000 US*

SMI Conformance Testing Program (SMI CTP)

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SMI CTP Participant $30,000 US*

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50% Off "New" SMI and SMI CTP Membersips (Restictions Apply)*

* Prorate Policy/Restrictions - New program participants, and past participants who have not participated in the previous two SMI program years, may be eligible for a program fee prorate or discount. Contact the SMI Program Manager at 1-719-694-1380, Ext 106 for more information.

SMI Membership Benefits

SMI Member Votes (1)
Approve SMI Annual Budget
Access to SMI reflector groups (2)
Eligible to run for SMI Subcommittee Chair or Co-Chair
Eligible to Run for SMI Governing Board - One seat per company
Logo visibility on SMI Website
Access to SMI-Lab Program (3)
Access to pre-relase versions of SMI conformance tests for unofficial testing only
Logo Placement on select SMI Collateral
Participate in Market Requirements Process
Participate in building the SMI Roadmap
Access to Market Research and Survey Data conducted by SMI
Inclusion in all SMI Program Press Releases where applicable

(1) On selected votes, such as the SMI Budget and Governing Board Elections. Includes election of SMI Governing Board members and any SMI (initiative wide) ballots and SMI Committees. If your company joins the SMI Governing Board roster, your company will be able to vote on any SMI Governing Board ballot provided that a company representative attended the previous two Governing Board weekly meetings.

(2) Except SMI-Lab meetings and reflectors which require enrollment in the SMI-Lab program.

(3) Participation in the SMI-Lab Program is included in your SMI membership. SMI-Lab participants will have 24/7 online access to several million dollars worth of lab equipment, and you will be amongst the first vendors to exercise pre-release versions of the SMI-S conformance tests. You will have the ability to leap ahead of your non-participating competitors by learning about and resolving issues in the SMI-Lab. And, by participating in scheduled SMI-Lab face-to-face plugfests throughout the year, you will add to the integrity of the Specification and Conformance Tests by offering valuable feedback to SMI-S Authors and CTP Test Designers. Program benefits include the following:

  • Ability to participate in Plugfests at the SNIA Technology Center
  • Learn from the professionals at Plugfests as you develop your Provider support
  • VPN access to SMI equipment in the SNIA Technology Center for testing client support of vendor products
  • Direct Access to Developers
  • Access to pre-release versions of servers and clients
  • Access to SMI-Lab reflectors and conference calls where bugs are discussed and handled (bug calls)
  • Inclusion in all SMI-Lab Program Press Releases where applicable

Apply for a Conformance Test

By applying for and passing the appropriate conformance test, your company will earn the right to display the SMI-S CTP "mark" and have your conforming product(s) listed on the SMI-S CTP web pages. This will let your customers know whether or not your product conforms to a particular version of the SMI-S. The SNIA can provide an impartial validation of a storage management software product or affirm that a item of storage networking infrastructure conforms to a version of SMI-S.

The Conformance Test Program for SMI-S is available to any company with a product ready to test. SMI-S CTP applicants do not have to be members of the SMI, SMI-Lab, or even the SNIA to be eligible to apply for an official conformance test.

Apply for SMI-S Conformance Testing. Click here.

For additional information, visit the SMI-S CTP home page or contact:
Conformance Testing Programs Manager

SMI-S Conformance Test Program Benefit (1)

SMI-S CTP Applicant

Access to the Official SMI-S CTP Tests for a Release (2)
An SMI Webpage for the applicant with reference to SMI-S CTP Conforming products (3)
Links to your provider pages on your site (Provider Install Portals) (3)


Inclusion in all SMI-S CTP Press Releases where applicable (3)

(1) Any company with a product may apply for SMI-S CTP conformance (do not have to be a member of SMI or the SNIA or participate in any other SMI program).
(2) Requires payment of the appropriate SMI-S CTP Fee
(3) Requires passing the SMI-S CTP Tests for a release.  The results from all SMI-S CTP testing will remain confidential. Applicants have the option of making their results available to the general public via the SMI-S CTP web pages.