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Photo of TSG mtg.Members of SNIA vendor-neutral Technical Work Groups (TWGs) contribute to the development of the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S), a major project of the Storage Management Initiative (SMI). The SMI, like SNIA, is primarily a volunteer organization and depends on its membership to drive and facilitate its work. The SMI-S TWGs are led by the SMI Technical Steering Group (TSG) and directed by the SNIA Technical Council. Learn more about the organization of SMI and the benefits of joining an SMI TWG.

Disk Resource Management TWG

The Disk Resource Management (DRM) Work Group is defining standard data and interfaces for the management of disk storage facilities, as well as creating guidelines for implementing well-managed storage solutions. Data and interfaces are provided in support of the following management disciplines – Asset Management, Capacity Management and Planning, Availability and Performance Management, Configuration Management, Policy-based Management and Event Management. The goal is to allow an application or administrator to obtain all pertinent storage-related information, via a standard and secure infrastructure.

Fibre Channel TWG

The Fibre Channel TWG designs, develops, and details a Fibre Channel SAN management architecture and related specification and guidelines to provide input to and design of new Fibre Channel standards or extensions to existing standards in support of improved Fibre Channel operations, management, security, or interoperability.

File Systems Management TWG

The File System Management (FSM) Technical Work Group is dedicated to developing and defining or promoting standards for file system related Management of products, such as Network Attached Storage, Host File Systems, cluster File Systems and SAN File Systems, and developing supporting educational materials . The work group acts as an organizing and coordinating entity for File System Management efforts. The primary function of the TWG is to ensure consistency of file standards and messages across the various file system related efforts.

Security TWG

[This TWG is not technically an SMI-S TWG, but it does sometimes contribute to SMI-S development.]

The Security TWG provides architectures and frameworks for the establishment of information security capabilities within the storage networking industry, including that of stored information in heterogeneous environments. The focus of the Security Work Group is directed toward long-term security solutions, taking into account any security inherent in underlying transports or technologies.


The SMI-S Core TWG is responsible for all the common profiles and spec clauses within the SMI-S specification that are not owned by other TWGs.

Storage Media Library TWG

The Storage Media Library (SML) Work Group addresses issues with and opportunities for exploiting media libraries in a networked storage environment.


For additional information on all SNIA Technical Work Groups please contact the SNIA Technical Council Managing Director at To join SMI or an SMI-S TWG, contact the SMI Program Manager.

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