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Welcome to the Storage Security Industry Forum (SSIF), the place where storage professionals, security professionals, security practitioners, and academics work together to contribute to a better understanding of storage security and how it applies in your organization.

The primary mission of the SSIF is to provide a Conformance Testing Program for the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) and other security related standards of relevance to the Storage Industry.  As resources permit, the SSIF also researches, markets and promotes adoption of standards-based storage security solutions, best industry and customer security practices for networked storage infrastructures.

The SSIF Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) Conformance Test Program

The KMIP Conformance Test Program enables organizations with KMIP implementations in their products to validate the protocol conformance of those products with the goal of improving interoperability of KMIP products throughout the industry.   

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SSIF members comprise the leading storage and security companies in the industry today. They consolidate their vast body of knowledge and practical experiences in security and storage into high quality educational, technical, and engineering activities that influence the design, use, and management of storage technology to better protect and secure information.   To join the SSIF, organizations must first be SNIA members.  Click on the "Nonmembers join here" link on the right side of this page for more information.   Existing SNIA organizations should review their SNIA Membership Brochure for more information or visit this page /forums/ssif/about_ssif/join