SSIF eNewsFlash

"Information is at risk in today's corporate environment. 63% of IT executives rate compliance with regulations a top challenge, and downtime costs can amount to up to 16% of revenue in some industries. Whether you're a SSIF member or not, knowing the latest about storage security technologies and activities is important."                                                                             
                                                                                                       Gordon Arnold, Chair, Storage Security Industry Forum

The SNIA Storage Security Industry Forum - the place where security and storage meet - is proud to present SSIF eNewsFlash - our electronic news bulletin.

In SSIF eNewsFlash we cover hot storage security topics, where you can find the latest education, and what is happening in storage security technology and standards activities.

Download the latest SSIF eNewsFlash:

  • April 2009- featuring an

  • March 2009 - featuring an update on Storage Security standards

  • January 2009 - featuring what professionals need to know to attain storage security competency

  • December 2008  - featuring an article on what storage professionals need to know

  • November 2008 - featuring the latest revision of the Best Practices for Storage Security and a new Solutions Guide to Data at Rest from the SSIF

  •  July 2008 - featuring an article on the latest storage security standards penned by Security TWG and SSIF member Andrew Nielsen of Hitachi

  • May 2008 - initial issue with welcome by SSIF Chair Gordon Arnold

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