NVDIMM Special Interest Group


The NVDIMM Special Interest Group (NVDIMM SIG) has been formed to accelerate awareness and adoption of Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Modules (NVDIMMs) in the marketplace by:

  • Providing education on how system vendors can "design-in" NVDIMMs.
  • Communicating existing industry standards, and areas for vendor differentiation. 
  • Helping technology and solution vendors whose products integrate NVDIMMs to communicate their benefits and value to the greater market. 
  • Developing vendor-agnostic user perspective case studies, best practices, and vertical industry requirements to help end user customers understand how products and solutions can meet performance, cost, and efficiency goals.

The NVDIMM SIG is a member communiity under the SNIA and the Solid State Storage Initiative (www.snia.org/forums/sssi), which will provide logistical and promotional support for the SIG.

The NVDIMM SIG includes vendors AgigA Tech, Calypso Systems, Diablo Technologies, Fujitsu, HGST, IDT, Inphi, Intel, Micron, Netlist, OCZ, Paper Battery, Samsung, SanDisk, SK Hynix, SMART Modular Technologies, and Viking Technology.

On this page, you will find news, event listings, webcasts, FAQs, white papers, and articles about NVDIMMs.

Your feedback is welcome and encouraged.  If you would like to participate in SIG activities, email nvdimmsigchair@snia.org.


NVDIMM SIG honored by peers at SNIA 2015 Symposium, winning the award for most significant contributions by a SNIA committee in 2014.

SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) Aims to Advance Adoption of Flash and Next-generation Non-Volatile Memory with New Programs at FMS 2014

EE Times:  Group Forms to Drive NVDIMM Adoption


Flash Memory Summit
August 11-13, 2015 Santa Clara CA
SNIA SSSI plans to showcase their Flash and next-generation Non-Volatile Memory programs at FMS 2015, including demonstrations of the latest NVDIMM solutions in the SNIA SSSI Expo booth, and NVDIMM educational conference sessions


NVM Summit at SNIA Symposium
January 20, 2015 San Jose CA
NVDIMM SIG members AgigA Tech, Intel, Netlist, and SMART Modular demonstrated systems and led a panel on NVDIMM technology activities.

Storage Visions
January 4-5, 2015 Las Vegas, NV
Storage Visions highlighted NVDIMM and PCIe SSD with live and static demonstrations and sessions on SSD technology presented by SSSI members.

Open Server Summit
November 11-13, 2014 Santa Clara, CA
SNIA SSSI featured their PTS, WIOCP, NVDIMM SIG, and NVM Programming activities in booth 306-308, along with three live demonstrations of NVDIMM  technology and a variety of sessions led by SSSI members.

Intel Development Forum
September 9-11, 2014, San Francisco CA
SNIA was in the NVM Express Community featuring their work on the NVM Programming Model and the NVDIMM Special Interest Group.

Storage Developer Conference
September 15-18, 2014, Santa Clara CA
SDC featured sessions on the SNIA NVM Programming Model. Check them out here.

Flash Memory Summit
August 4-7, 2014 Santa Clara CA
SNIA SSSI advances adoption of Flash and next-generation Non-Volatile Memory with new programs at FMS 2014, including demonstrations of the latest NVDIMM solutions in the SNIA SSSI Expo booth, an NVDIMM SIG Hands-On Lab, and NVDIMM educational conference sessions

Data Storage Innovation Conference
April 22-24, 2014 in Santa Clara CA
Presentations focused on various areas of interest to the storage and networking community. 

Storage Industry Summit- The Future of Computing -The Convergence of Memory and Storage through Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)
January 28, 2014 at the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose CA
Full agenda at the link above.  Presentations and videos of sessions are available for download at the above link.


Storage in the DIMM Socket
This tutorial focuses on how IT managers have begun seeking out new ways for flash to be deployed in the data center in order to take greater advantage of the performance and latency benefits. With traditional interfaces such as SAS, SATA and PCIe already taking advantage of flash and deployed, the focus has shifted to non-traditional interfaces in order to further penetrate current infrastructure. This has led to the emergence of new solutions that leverage the DDR3 interface, utilizing existing DIMM slots in server hardware


NVDIMM SIG Hands-On Lab at Flash Memory Summit 2014 User Guide


NVDIMM - Persistence Pays
Non-Volatile DIMMs, or NVDIMMs, provide a persistent memory solution with the endurance and performance of DRAM coupled with the non-volatility of Flash. This webinar provides a general overview of this emerging technology and why the industry is starting to take notice. You will learn what an NVDIMM is, how it works, where it fits and why every system architect should consider them for their next generation enterprise server and storage designs.  View on demand HERE.


NVDIMM Messaging and FAQ
This document provides a summary of key messages on NVDIMM technology and the marketplace, and provides information on frequently asked questions about NVDIMM.


NVDIMM Technical Brief
Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Modules (NVDIMMs) merge two leading technologies:   DDR3 DRAM and NAND Flash, to solve the problem of data volatility in mission critical servers. This brief takes a closer look, and explains the strengths and weaknesses of each.

NVDIMM - Fastest Tier in Your Storage Strategy
This paper reviews how Non-Volatile Memory can be utilized within current storage strategies to maximize performance and availability.  Additionally, the paper discusses how Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Modules (NVDIMMs) can be enabled as the fastest tier and the impact it has on your storage strategy.

Non-Volatile Memory and Its Use in Enterprise Applications
This paper reviews different memory technologies, current and future, volatile and non-volatile. The paper also provides an overview of Non-Volatile DIMMs and their integration into industry standard servers using supercapacitor technology. Additionally, the paper discusses how NVDIMMs enable increased application performance and significantly improved power failure/system crash recovery.

NVDIMM:  Enabling Greater ROI from SSDs
This paper reviews how the deployment of Non-Volatlie DIMM technology can overcome the shortcomings of NAND flash and achieve greater ROI from Solid State Disk (SSD) storage.

Backup Power Charge Control and Health Monitoring - A Technology Overview
This paper provides an overview of charge control and management technology and the variety of implementations, explains state of health monitoring, and discusses new innovations and technological developments.


NVDIMMs:  The Next Critical Technology For Your Data Center Storage Strategy
As the world experiences an ever increasing numbers of devices connected to the internet with 15 Billion devices expected to be connected by 2015, data centers serving these devices have either been creaking under the pressure or have adopted new technologies to help increase efficiency & performance.


New Solid State Programs Featured at Flash Memory Summit 2014

SNIA Special Interest Group Formed to Accelerate Awareness and Adoption of Non-Volatile DIMM (NVDIMM) in the Marketplace


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