PCIe SSD Committee


Provide guidance to the marketplace on PCIe SSDs.  This can take the form of educational materials, best practices documents and SNIA standards.

Coordinate with other industry organizations involved in PCIe SSD-related activities.  Stay consistent with the messaging developed by these organizations and do not reinvent materials, when such materials already exist and are accessible.



This is a SSSI members-only committee. 

SSSI members may go to the members-only page for minutes, etc.

Non-members can go to the membership page for details on how to join SSSI.



Slides from October 13, 2014; NVDIMM presentation - NEW! 

SanDisk on ULLtraDIMM - June 9, 2014 call 

Micron on M.2 - May 12, 2014 call

Diablo Technologies - March 10, 2014 call

Slides from December 9 call

Slides from November 11 call

Slides from October 14 call

Slides from PCIe SSD Reception at Flash Memory Summit 2012



Storage Industry Takes Steps to Avoid PCIe SSD Fragmentation


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