Open Grid Forum (OGF)

The Open Grid Forum (OGF) is a community of users, developers, and vendors leading the global standardization effort for grid computing. The OGF community consists of thousands of individuals in industry and research, representing over 400 organizations in more than 50 countries. The OGF works to accelerate the adoption of grid computing worldwide. The OGF believes that grids will lead to new discoveries, new opportunities, and better business practices.

The work of OGF is carried out through community-initiated working groups, which develop standards and specifications in cooperation with other leading standards organizations, software vendors, and users. OGF is funded through its Organizational Members, including technology companies and academic and government research institutions. OGF hosts several events each year to further develop grid-related specifications and use cases and to share best practices.

The Open Grid Forum accelerates grid adoption to enable business value and scientific discovery by providing an open forum for grid innovation and developing open standards for grid software interoperability.

SNIA and the Open Grid Forum

The OGF recognizes the SNIA as the key industry association involved in the development of standards for storage and storage networking technology that will enable enterprise grid computing. As such the OGF wishes to facilitate OGF input into SNIA requirements planning, and SNIA input into OGF architectures and specifications.

SNIA similarly recognizes that OGF represents expertise in the area of grid technology as used specifically in enterprise data centers, and wishes to facilitate SNIA input into OGF's requirements planning and OGF input into SNIA Architectures and specifications.