The SNIA Announces its 2014 Board of Directors and Technical Council

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New Chairman Elected and Members from Cisco and Samsung Added

SNW, Long Beach, CA (October 17, 2013) – The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) today announced its 2014 Board of Directors and Technical Council at the SNW conference The SNIA Board is charged with oversight of the association's vision and mission as well as ensuring that tangible value accrues to Member companies.

"Rapid changes in technology are bringing both opportunities and challenges in the IT industry. SNIA, with its focus on technical and educational programs, is well-placed to provide value to the industry and expand our influence in areas such as cloud computing, solid state storage, analytics and big data, energy efficiency, and data management,” stated David Dale, SNIA’s newly elected Chairman of the Board.  Mr. Dale added, “The results of the elections and appointments for the 2014 leadership positions on our Board and Technical Council provide both continuity, and expanded industry participation with the addition of J Metz from Cisco to our Board, Bill Martin from Samsung Electronics to our Technical Council, as well as new IBM representatives on both the Board and Technical Council.  We continue to be pleased by the industry’s ongoing commitment to SNIA and look forward to a successful year.”

The 2014 SNIA Board of Directors and their roles are:

  • David Dale (NetApp), Chairman and Executive Committee
  • Molly Rector (Spectra Logic), Vice Chairman and Executive Committee
  • Peter Manning (HP), Secretary and Executive Committee
  • Allan Zmyslowski (Fujitsu America), Treasurer and Executive Committee
  • Wayne Adams (EMC), Chairman Emeritus, Member and Executive Committee Advisor
  • Leo Leger (SNIA), SNIA Executive Director, Non-voting Member and Executive Committee
  • Don Deel (EMC), Non-voting Member and Technical Council Chairperson
  • Tony Di Cenzo (Oracle), Member
  • David  Gimpl (IBM), Member
  • Skip Jones (QLogic), Member
  • J Michel Metz (Cisco Systems), Member
  • Jim Pappas (Intel), Member
  • SW Worth (Microsoft), Member

Mr. Dale announced the appointment of outgoing SNIA Chairman, Wayne Adams as Chairman Emeritus and added, “Wayne decided to step down from his role as Chairman but will remain on the Board and stay actively engaged with many SNIA programs.  As Chairman Emeritus, he will also continue to be an ambassador for SNIA.”  

SNIA’s Technical Council is responsible for providing guidance and direction on the numerous technical activities of the association including SNIA architectures and standards, cross-industry technical alliances, and the agendas of SNIA symposia and other events including SNIA's standout Storage Developer Conference (SDC).

Don Deel, Chairman of the SNIA Technical Council stated, "We will continue to build on the successful technical activities underway across all of our technical work groups delivering technology standards and interoperability programs within a vendor-neutral, collaborative environment. We are pleased to be adding global participants to our team."

The 2014 SNIA Technical Council and their roles are:

  • Don Deel (EMC), Chairman
  • Bill Martin (Samsung Electronics), Vice Chairman
  • Arnold Jones (SNIA), Technical Council Managing Director, Non-voting Member
  • Craig Carlson (QLogic), Member
  • Mark Carlson (Oracle), Member
  • Gilles Chekroun (Cisco Systems, Belgium), Non-voting Member, SNIA Europe Representative
  • Chin-Fah Heoh (Storage Networking Academy), Non-voting Member, SNIA South Asia Representative
  • Fred Knight (NetApp), Member
  • Carlos Pratt (IBM), Member
  • Yukinori Sakashita (Hitachi Ltd.), Non-voting Member, SNIA Japan Representative
  • Leah Schoeb (Evaluator Group), Member
  • Dave Thiel (Dave Thiel Consultant, LLC), Non-voting Member
  • Doug Voigt (HP), Member
  • Steve Wilson (Brocade), Non-voting Member
  • Alan Yoder (Huawei Technologies), Member

For more information and profiles, see /about/organization/board   and /about/organization/tech_council.

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