SNIA ANZ Announces New Board, New Directions

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2012—2013 plan to help service providers achieve excellence to protect customer data

Sydney, May 24th 2012 – The Storage Networking Industry Association for Australia and New Zealand (SNIA ANZ) today announced its Board of Directors for 2012-13. The Board will assume immediate responsibility for the delivery of SNIA ANZ’s strategic objectives over the next two years.
The new Board also sanctioned the creation of a new membership category for Service Providers, extending SNIA’s membership into the emerging market for Cloud and Data Centre services.
“The move to cloud computing means many organisations now trust service providers to take the best possible care of their data,” said newly-appointed Chair Monique McIntosh. “For SNIA, this is an important trend and one that we recognise makes service providers an important layer in the data management lifecycle. In the past, users have regarded SNIA membership as a sign that a vendor or channel organisation is serious about standards and acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to provide world-class products and services, and now we can include data centre service providers in that process.”
“In 2012-2013 and beyond, SNIA ANZ believes the service provider community needs to step up and show it too is ready to engage with the global storage community, adopt best practices and acquire vendor-neutral certifications. The new Service Provider Membership offers the opportunity to do this, which we think will be of considerable benefit to cloud storage providers and their customers.”
“SNIA ANZ will market this new membership category very actively throughout the information technology industry so that users and service providers alike understand its value.”
The new Board of Directors comprises:

  • ac3 - Monique McIntosh - Chair
  • Alphawest - Rodney Haywood - Secretary
  • Dell - David Holmes
  • Dimension - Data Peter Prowse - Treasurer
  • EMC - Clive Gold – Vice Chair
  • HDS - Adrian DeLuca
  • HP - Mark Nielsen
  • IBM - Joe Screnci
  • Jargonmaster - Simon Sharwood
  • NAB - Mark Harrison
  • NetApp - John Martin
  • RMAA - Kate Walker
  • Symantec - Paul Lancaster

Remarking on the makeup of the new Board, McIntosh stated “I am personally delighted to see so many major organisations reaffirm their commitment to SNIA ANZ and I look forward to leading this team in the implementation of our strategic program.”

McIntosh also thanked retiring chair Craig Scroggie, who has stepped aside after more than five years of service.

“Craig provided visionary and energetic leadership for SNIA ANZ,” McIntosh said. “It goes without saying that he will be missed, but I am also confident that the new Board possesses the skills, contacts and motivation to be successful as we see the storage market evolve”.
About the SNIA

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is a not-for-profit global organisation made up of some 400 member companies plus their worldwide affiliates and 4,100 active individuals spanning virtually the entire storage industry. SNIA members share the common goal of leading the worldwide storage industry in developing and promoting standards, technologies, and educational services to empower organisations in the management of information.
SNIA has a corporate mission to:

  • Be the trusted advisor across all business segments and the recognised authority in storage technologies in support of information management.
  • Be the catalyst for the development of information technologies and storage standards.
  • Establish a strong international presence to address the needs and requirements of the local storage and information management marketplace.
  • Address the storage and information management needs of the new community of consumers and providers created by the increasing trend towards Cloud.

SNIA ANZ is the affiliate responsible for the regional activities. SNIA ANZ is also a not-for-profit organisation registered in Australia and is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership each year to represent the Association. For additional information, visit the web site at or in ANZ visit