SNIA Releases New Version of the Cloud Data Management Interface With Expanded Functionality

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New Features Extend the SNIA's Effort to Ease Cloud Integration and Enable Improved Interoperability With Amazon and OpenStack

Santa Clara, CA (September 15, 2014) — The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) today announced the availability of its Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) specification version 1.1 at the SNIA 11th Annual Storage Developer Conference (SDC). CDMI’s new functionality eases the implementation of CDMI with multiple cloud APIs such as OpenStack* Swift and Amazon* S3, includes expanded cloud data services feature–sets, and is 100% backwards compatible with the previously approved ISO/IEC CDMI version 1.0.2 International Standard. End–users and cloud–developers alike benefit with investment protection and expanded interoperability. CDMI addresses data storage services, data migration, and data security for private, hybrid and public cloud with a formal de jure standards–approved interface.

CDMI v.1.1 new features and capabilities include:

  • Support for other popular industry cloud offerings such as OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3
  • Commercially tested and implemented extensions and feature–sets including Multi–part MIME, Domain Auth Methods, Group Storage System Metadata, Domain Summary Extension for Bandwidth, Expiring ACE and Versioning extensions. A full list can be found at /tech_activities/publicreview/cdmi
  • 100% backwards compatibility with CDMI v. 1.0.2 to ensure ease of use for investment protection and forward migration

“We set out to accelerate cloud storage adoption with open data standards that provide vendors and end–users with cloud storage choice, data interoperability and portability,” said Alex McDonald, Chair of the SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI). “With the release of this robust, expanded set of functionality in CDMI version 1.1, including support for de facto industry interfaces such as OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3, we’re rapidly enabling IT professionals to interoperate and manage data movement across multiple clouds seamlessly.”

SNIA CSI and CDMI at SDC event, September 15–18, Santa Clara, CA:

  • Conference session: Introducing CDMI v1.1 – Tuesday, September 16th, 1:00 p.m. This session introduces CDMI version 1.1 and provides an overview of new capabilities added to the standard, major errata, and what CDMI implementers need to know when moving from CDMI v1.0.2 to CDMI v1.1.
  • Cloud Interoperability Plugfest – Participants at the 12th Cloud Interoperability Plugfest will test the data storage interoperability of well–adopted cloud storage interfaces including CDMI, along–side with implementations of Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift (and Cinder/Manila) interfaces. Cloud standards–stack testing includes standards from OASIS, OGF, and DMTF.
  • CDMI Conformance Test Program – Meeting to discuss the launch of the CDMI V1.0.2/V1.1 conformance test program, test suite, and industry solution guide.

Details on the new CDMI v1.1 specification can be found at:

About the Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI)

The SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) is committed to the adoption, growth and standardization of cloud storage and related cloud data services to promote interoperability and portability of data stored in the cloud. The CSI is responsible for coordinating and managing all activities within the SNIA related to the use of storage in cloud environments and undertakes marketing outreach, education, collaboration with other industry bodies (relative to storage standards for cloud environments), development coordination of specific cloud storage standards (such as CDMI), and a close following of the dynamics of cloud business models. To learn more, visit /forums/csi

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