The SNIA's Committees are focused on providing value to IT professionals and members by increasing awareness of the direction and evolution of the storage industry. Committees are chartered with directing and managing the many activities of the organization that are not exclusively engaged in developing technical work. These activities include:

  • Producing educational events and conferences
  • Demonstrating the state of the industry through interoperability and product shows
  • Developing multi-company exhibitions and demonstrations of current and future storage products and technologies
  • Creating an extensive list of educational resources and information about Storage Networking

Data Protection and Capacity Optimization Committee (DPCO)

The SNIA Data Protection and Capacity Optimization Committee was created to foster the growth and success of the market for data protection and capacity optimization technologies. Data protection means assurance that data is usable and accessible for authorized purposes only, with acceptable performance, and in compliance with applicable requirements. Capacity optimization refers to methods which reduce the consumption of space required to store a data set and its scope and is not limited to secondary storage.

The goals of the DPCO are:

  • Educate the vendor and user communities about data protection and efficient data storage technologies
  • Perform market outreach that highlights the benefits of relevant technologies and document implementation considerations and best practices
  • Advocacy and support of technical work associated with data protection and capacity optimization


Education Committee

The mission of the SNIA Education Committee is to accelerate the adoption of storage networking by increasing the level of knowledge about storage networking among end users.


Executive Committee

The SNIA shall maintain an Executive Committee to efficiently execute and oversee the tactical operations of the SNIA. This Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Board of Directors. The Executive Director is also a non-voting member of this Committee.


Marketing Steering Committee

The mission is to drive marketing strategy and messaging which position SNIA as an organization that vendors, solution providers, and end users find valuable and want to be active members of.


Standards Committee

The standards committee is responsible for all standardization activities within the SNIA.  The standards committees oversees that policies and procedures associated with SNIA approve architectures as they follow the standardization process to become an ANSI and ISO standard. To clarify the SNIA strategy for standardizing SNIA technical work products. To manage the official relationships with standards organizations, and other standards related work.


Strategic Alliances Committee

The mission of the Strategic Alliances Committee is to successfully establish an alliances network that benefits SNIA and its members, in line with the 3-year Strategy Plan. This committee is the coordination point for all SNIA groups, including Forums, to define and manage alliances. Participation in this committee is open to the whole SNIA membership. It is recommended that the SNIA groups directly involved or interested in alliances with external organizations should have one (or more) of their representatives engaged with this committee (e.g. Technical Council, Marketing Committee, Forums...).


Strategy Committee

Develop a Strategic Plan for SNIA.


Technology Center Committee

Develop strategies for effective use of SNIA’s Technology Center