SNIA Conformance Testing Programs

The SNIA suite of Conformance Testing Programs (CTP) enables manufacturers to test their standards-based products with vendor-neutral test tools to validate compliance to a specific standard or specification. Once certified, these products can be promoted as being SNIA CTP Conformant.

SNIA conformance testing is vendor independent, industry vetted,and cost-effective, benefiting both vendors and end users.

Vendor/Manufacturer benefits:

  1. Reduced integration costs with partners
  2. Meet customer demand for standards-based solutions

End User/Customer benefits:

  1. Objective testing verified in a vendor-neutral manner
  2. Ensured product conformance to industry standards
  3. Lower cost of ownership
  4. Help to prevent vendor lock-in
  5. Improved interoperability of multi-vendor products

SNIA CTP Portfolio

All SNIA CTP programs provide vendor independent and confidential validation of conformance

Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) The CDMI Conformance Test Program validates a cloud product’s conformance to the ISO/IEC CDMI standard and offers assurance that the standard has been properly implemented and that data stored will be transportable to any other conformant implementation.

Storage Management
The SMI-S Conformance Test Program provides SMI-Provider testing for software, which manages components of the storage environment using the Storage Management Initiative Specification.

Key Management
The KMIP Conformance Test Program has been retired effective September 1, 2017. No new testing can be scheduled at this time. For results of tests prior to this date, please see: Questions? Contact SNIA Executive Director at