Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP)

How to register for SNIA Exams 

SNIA exams are now hosted with Kryterion using their Webassessor platform. Students should create a profile with Kryterion and then log in to schedule an exam.

Instructions for exam takers:

  1. Please go to and select option 1 to create a new profile with Kryterion.
  2. Once you have logged in to Webassessor, select ‘Register for an exam’, select your chosen exam from the list, and you will then be guided through the process to set a date and time and make payment.

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SNIA storage certification examinations

SNIA Foundations exam

With the launch of the SNIA Foundations exam in early 2016, the previous CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA has been withdrawn.

Those who currently hold the CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA credential can be assured that SNIA will continue to recognize the credential for a period of three years from the exam pass date and will finally expire December 31st, 2018.

You are encouraged to refresh your credential on the new SNIA Foundations exam.

Read 6 good reasons to become SNIA Certified!

Read more about the SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program here!

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The SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP) provides a strong foundation of vendor-neutral, systems-level credentials that integrate with and complement individual vendor certifications. The structure of the SNCP has been enhanced to reflect the advancement and growth of storage networking technologies over the past few years, and to provide for expanded offerings in the future. Through evolving and enhancing the SNCP, the SNIA is establishing a uniform standard by which individual knowledge and skill sets can be evaluated, thereby providing employers in the storage industry with an independent assessment of the student.

People often ask themselves about the real value of IT related certifications and whether it is worth their time and money to become certified. The short answer to the question is yes, an IT certification can be of great value especially if it’s in an area that you are trying to pursue as a career, and even more importantly if it is a vendor-neutral certification which complements specific product skills. Data centers today do not house one type or one vendor of storage technology, it is a heterogeneous environment, and while vendor product specialization is important, it only serves to complement the basic foundational and generic knowledge provided by the leading industry association.

  • SNIA certifications provide storage and data management practitioners with an industry recognized uniform standard by which individual knowledge and skill-sets can be judged.

Six good reasons why you should be SNIA certified:

  1. Attain a framework by which the competency levels of technical people can be judged
    • Hiring managers tend to view certifications as a more objective measure of a candidate’s skill level than self-reported skills and competency.
    • Employers in the storage industry want to be able to compare prospective employees, and certifications are a way of achieving this. Having a certification from a recognised vendor is key but to have this also endorsed by the leading industry association adds huge credibility to the process. This tells the prospective employer that the knowledge acquired is both generic and specific and portrays the candidate as more versatile.
  2. Provide HR departments with an insight into skill-sets and desire to improve knowledge
    • HR departments looking to recruit will differentiate between those who have the relevant industry certifications and those who do not. They also associate certification holders as being self-starters, professionally minded, and with an aptitude and desire to improve their knowledge.
  3. Achieve peer recognition amongst other IT professionals
    • Personal networking is key to career development. Once individuals have attained IT certification, they join a group of skilled professionals who also hold similar credentials. Typically these groups are global and diverse; professionals who are keen to extend their knowledge via the sharing of ideas and information with their peers typically now join global social media platforms.  Many storage vendors invest time in creating a community of storage practitioners where the benefits to the individual may include special offers, discounts on other training,  access to beta versions and other incentives for their certified community.
  4. Increase income potential
    • Many recent studies have shown that organizations will offer a base salary premium simply on the basis that they will not have to bear the cost of certifications already obtained. The added market value that a certification brings can be as high as 30%-40%, with the average salary uplift potentially in the 5%-11% range. Skilled professionals in the storage industry are in demand everywhere and especially those that can demonstrate an advanced level of technical competence in the new breed of technologies for data management.
  5. Enhance employability
    •  Globalization and economic realities have made the IT job market highly competitive. For long serving professionals – or even those just starting out –  demonstrating technical competency to a prospective employer is a must. IT certifications provide an industry-wide recognized method of doing that. Not only do the certificates provide a portfolio of the skills possessed by an individual, they also provide evidence of the mindset, determination and ambition. Certifications enhance the personal brand of an individual.
  6. Win SMB customer business
    • As more and more small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) deploy networked storage solutions, if you are a reseller/integrator having certified technicians on the payroll can give you a competitive edge in winning business and giving the customer the reassurance they need. Customers want to know they are buying the right technology with the people who have the skills to help their business optimize their investment, and this only works if your technicians can demonstrate the right storage certifications and skills.
    • More importantly, it will be assumed that the technical personnel will have the certifications from the vendor chosen, but having an industry backed credential adds to the customers confidence.
    • Beyond the initial design and deployment, there is opportunity for service offerings, which also require specific evidence of skills acquired. 

SNIA Certification Policies

SNIA Exam Security/Cheating Policy

It is the policy of SNIA to revoke or refuse a credential to any person suspected of using unauthorized materials obtained using websites that advertise exact copies of SNIA exams. Psychometric data from a person's testing session will isolate patterns of cheating and gives SNIA the right to take legal action.

SNIA Certification Pricing

The cost of High Stakes Proctored Exams is $200.00 USD.  That applies to the SNIA Storage Foundations Exam (S10-110), SNIA Storage Networking Management & Administration Exam (S10-210), and SNIA Storage Networking Design & Assessment (S10-310). Pricing outside the US may vary a small percentage up or down by country.  The SNIA Technology Elective Qualification Exams are $100.00 USD worldwide.

SNIA Exam Re-Take Policy

If you take a SNIA exam and do not pass it, SNIA requires that you wait 24 hours before taking it again. If you do not pass the exam a second time, you must wait seven (7) days. If a SNIA Exam is taken three (3) times without a passing score, you must wait 30 days to take it again.

SCSN-E Fulfillment Process

For information about the SNIA Expert credential requirements, please visit here.