[Fibre Channel] Acronym for Exchange_Identifier.


[Standards] Acronym for eXtensible Access Method.


[Standards] The methods that a XAM Application uses to communicate with XAM enabled storage, via the XAM Library.

XAM Storage System

[Storage System] A storage system that provides XAM-compliant storage services.

Typically this type of storage system is used for data that is not expected to change during its lifetime (e.g., fixed content, reference information, archival data). The contents of a XAM Storage System are exposed to applications via one or more XSystem objects in the XAM API.


[General] Acronym for eXtensible Markup Language.


[Storage System] The primary stored object abstraction in XAM.

An XSet binds data and metadata into a single entity that is stored and retrieved as a unit. MIME types are used to specify data and metadata formats.


[Storage System] A logical container of XSets independent of the means (e.g., communication) used to access XSet contents.

An XSystem is visible to XAM applications as an abstraction in the XAM API.


[Data Security] An encryption mode developed for data at rest protection, specified in the IEEE Std 1619-2007 "Cryptographic Protection of Data on Block-Oriented Storage Devices."