Are you a Subject Matter Expert in Data Storage Technologies?


SNIA needs your help to develop our new advanced-level storage certification exam

If you are a Storage professional with the level of technical knowledge and broad storage industry experience we need, we would welcome your help.

SNIA is engaged on the development of a new Advanced Storage Certification and your expertise is essential to producing a contemporary examination.

Our current higher level exams; The Storage Networking Management and Administration (S10-210) exam and the Storage Networking Assessment Planning and Design (S10-310) exam are due for a refresh under our standard three year expiry program.

We are in the process of developing a new consolidated examination which will be the advanced equivalent of the current Foundations exam and is scheduled for release in 2018.

The new examination is intended to validate technical skills and knowledge in the fast-growing field of enterprise storage architectures and information management. This certification will build on technologies covered in the Foundations exam and will extend into the latest developments in:

  • Storage security, encryption and data protection techniques
  • Hyperconvergence
  • Software defined technology
  • Flash, persistent memory
  • Hyper-scalable infrastructure design
  • Networking for storage (FCoE, NVMe, etc.)
  • Big Data and data analytics
  • Cloud storage
  • Object storage
  • Open source

This will be a globally available examination, delivered using our existing Kryterion hosting platform through testing centers around the world.

Register your interest in participating

To continue with the next phase of the development we need to undertake an Item Writing Workshop (IWW). We are looking for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who can validate the skills and knowledge required to perform the tasks of a systems/storage administrator, and who have extensive and current experience in networked storage, information management, data protection, hyperconverged architectures, solid state and flash storage, storage security, cloud storage, and software defined storage. Examples of job descriptions that could qualify as subject matter experts:  Storage Administrator, Storage Architect, Enterprise Architect, Infrastructure Architect or Engineer, Data Centre Manager or Analyst, Storage Security professional.  The key requirement is that you have extensive experience as a practitioner in managing storage architectures (hardware, software, systems).

Item Writing Workshop (IW):
This workshop will be a managed item-writing session to guide SME’s to write certification test items. This workshop includes a review of exam items for item relevancy (as needed), item editing to psychometric and grammar standards, and an item/technical review of all written items with SME’s. During the edit process, editors will check all items for grammar (e.g., spelling, and punctuation), usage, readability, clarity, and consistency of usage.

Item/Technical Review: In the technical review process, SME’s review each written question in the exam question pool for technical accuracy, congruence, ambiguity, the correct answer, plausible distracters, and misleading wording.

When: April 30 - May 4, 2018
Objective: Item Writing Workshop
Location: Westin Hotel, 302 South Market Street, San Jose, California CA 95113

Logistics: During the session, the IW Workshop SME’s will meet from 9 am until 5 pm, working to complete the required number of questions and answers for the exam.
PLEASE NOTE: Attending in person is preferred as we must have a minimum number of SME’s present during the week. Dial-in will be possible but it will be on a US time-zone and may be for long periods of time.

Your Opportunity: Influence and be a part of a brand-new, vendor-neutral credential that will be on the leading edge in validating knowledge and experience in enterprise storage.

Application Process: All SME’s are required to submit their contact details and short bio for consideration. Only those professionals currently working as practitioners in the storage disciplines should apply. Please send your details to