File Area Networks: An Introduction

This book contains information about File Area Networks (FANs) in general; it is also
designed to be useful as a desktop reference for FAN administrators. Information from many white papers, classes, and the authors’ experience has been combined to create this work.

This book is appropriate for:

  • Administrators responsible for or deploying FANs
  • Systems Engineers who design and deploy FANs
  • OEM personnel involved in selling or supporting FANs
  • Analysts needing an understanding of the FAN market
  • Network Engineers wishing to expand their skills

The goal of a FAN is to provide a more flexible and intelligent set of
methods and tools to move and manage file data in the most costeffective
and controlled manner. To accomplish this, FANs provide several
key functions:

  • Enterprise-wide control of file information, including the management of file attributes
  • The ability to establish file visibility and access rights regardless of physical device or location
  • Non-disruptive, transparent movement of file data across platforms and/or geographical boundaries
  • The consolidation of redundant file resources and management tasks
  • The ability to support file data management in both data centers and branch offices

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