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Fall 2007 SNIA Technical Tutorials

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Brandy Barton, Track Manager
Desktop, Nearline and Enterprise Disk Drives - Delta by Design Willis Whittington Download (2.19MB) 'Green' Storage SW Worth Download (1.64MB) Storage Performance 101 Ray Lucchesi Download (597K) Storage Consolidation with IP Storage: Capabilities, Best Practices and Futures David Dale Download (608K)
Storage Protocol Analyzers:  Not Just for R&D Anymore Brandy Barton Download (911K) NAS and iSCSI Technology Overview Wolfgang Singer Download (1.01MB) Solid State Storage for the Enterprise Woody Hutsell Download (742K) Benefits of Hardware Compression in Storage Networks Gerry Simmons Tony Summers Download (541K)
The Storage Evolution:  From Blocks, Files and Objects to Object Storage Systems Christian Bandulet Download (3.25MB)      


Howard Goldstein, Track Manager
TCP/IP Optimizations for Block Storage Joseph White Download (795K) Fibre Channel Over Ethernet John Hufferd Download (2.68MB) Infiniband Technology Overview Dror Goldenberg Download (915K) PCI Express and Storage Ron Emerick Download (813K)
Fibre Channel Technologies: Current and Future Mahmoud Jibbe Steven Wilson
Tom Hammond-Doel
Download (1.88MB)
IP Storage Protocols - iSCSI John Hufferd Download (External Editor 1.90MB) SAS & SATA Combine to Change the Storage Market Harry MasonMartin Czekalski Download (6.24MB)  


Rob Peglar, Track Manager
Storage Networking Standards: Recent Developments David Black Download (922K) eXtensible Access Method (XAM) Storage Development Kit (SDK) Mark Carlson Download (1.57MB) Storage Grid:  Relevance and Overview Abbott Schindler Download (650K) Virtualization I:  What, Why, Where and How Rob Peglar Download (787K)
Storage Virtualization II:  Effective Use of Virtualization Rob Peglar Download (800K) Leveraging the Power of Compute and Storage Grids Richard Jooss Download (561K) Multipath Management API: Standards based SCSI Multipathing Administration Hyon Kim Giri Basava Download (771K)  

Data Management

Michael Fishman, Track Manager
Solving the Coming Archive Crisis Michael Peterson Download (1.22MB) Disk and Tape Backup Mechanisms Michael Fishman Download (736K) Trends in Data Protection and Restoration Technologies Michael Rowan Jason Iehl Download (871K) Identifying and Eliminating Backup Bottlenecks: Taking Your Existing Backup System to the Next Level Jacob Farmer Download (575K)
Single Instance Strategies for Storage Using De-Duplication.  Which Method is Best for You? Michael Fahey Download (665K) Information Classification:  The Cornerstone to Information Management Sheila Childs Download (1.34MB) Information-centric Policy Management Edgar St.Pierre Download (866K) Implementation Practices for the Archiving and Compliance Infrastructure Gary Zasman Download (1.07MB)
Storage Considerations and Requirements for Database Archiving Julie Lockner Download (721K) The Secret Sauce of ILM Bob Rogers Download (806K)    


Eric Hibbard, Track Manager
Introduction to Storage Andrew Nielsen Download (693K) Cryptographic Use Cases and the Rationale for End-to-End Security Larry Hofer Download (910K) A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Storage Forensics Richard Austin Download (2.30MB) TCG Trusted Storage Specification Michael Willett Download (900K)
ABCs of Encryption Roger Cummings Download (857K) An Introduction to Key Management for Secure Storage Walt Hubis Download (7.35MB) Building a Key Management Strategy: Standards and Solutions Bob Lockhart Download (600K)  

Storage Management

Marty Foltyn, Track Manager
SRM and SAN Management: Reduce Management Costs and Complexity Andy Namyanik Download (3.84MB) Records Managers and Storage Managers Speak - Get the Real Story Behind ILMModerator:
John Webster
Panel: Marty
Wendy Betts,
Bruce White
Download (421K)
Part II - ITIL Foundation for SNIA Certification: Service Delivery and Storage Management Dr. D. Akira Robinson Download (1.59MB) Storage Management from SMI-S to Management Frameworks Mark Carlson Download (774K)
SRM: Can You Get What You Want? John Webster Download (477K)      

File Management

Rob Peglar,
Track Manager


Rob Peglar,
Track Manager
High Availability and Disaster Recovery for NAS Systems Paul Massiglia Download (840K) Recent Advances in WAN Acceleration Technologies Joshua Tseng Download (1.20MB) Applications Infrastructure for Distributed Storage Kevin Przybocki Download (1.23MB)  

Professional Development

David Deming, Track Manager
Survivor Guide:   Leading in Difficult Times Harriet Pea Download (436K) Trust Technology - The Key to Productive Teams and Profitable Organizations David Deming Download (899K) Developing Successful Technical Presentations Howard Goldstein Download (4.21MB) Working Together:  Expand Your Career by Expanding Your Skills Stephen Hultquist Download (1.79MB)