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Fall 2008 SNIA Technical Tutorials

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Joshua Tseng, Track Manager
Scaling Data Center Application Infrastructure
Gary Orenstein Download (1.9MB)
Running Database Applications On NAS: How and Why?Stephen Daniel Download (396KB) Fundamental Approaches to WAN OptimizationJoshua Tseng Download (1MB)

Data Protection and Management

Michael Fishman, Track Manager
Introduction to Data Protection: Backup to Tape, Disk and BeyondMichael Fishman Download (1MB) Trends in Data Protection and Restoration TechnologiesJason Iehl
Michael Rowan
Download ( 1MB)
Deduplication - Methods for Achieving Data EfficiencyMatthew Brisse 
Gideon Senderov
Download (598K)
How NAS Systems Participate in Data ProtectionPaul Massiglia Download (946K) A Crash Course in Wide Area Data ReplicationJacob Farmer Download (891K) Records Managers and Storage Managers Speak:  Get the Real Story Behind ILMModerator: John Webster
Panelists: Colette Bliobenes,
Brenda Patterson,
Laurence Whittaker,
Jackson Shea
Download (216K)
Classification: The Cornerstone for Compliance and Cost-driven Information ManagementEdgar St.Pierre Download (1.14MB) Retaining Information for 100 YearsMary Baker
Roger Cummings
Download (754K)
Compliant Storage:  The Risks of Retention and Deletion in the Face of FRCPMichael Peterson Download(3MB)
The Secret Sauce of ILM Assessment CoreBob Rogers Download (970K)    

File Systems and File Management

Paul Massiglia, Track Manager
DFS Over CIFSMathew Geddes Download (664K) Storage Tiering for File & NAS SystemsAshvin Kamaraju Download (904K) The File Systems EvolutionChristian Bandulet Download (1.5MB)
Find and Select the Right File Storage for Your ApplicationPhilippe Nicolas Download (922K)    

Green Storage

SW Worth, Track Manager
Green Storage I - Economics, Environment, Energy and EngineeringSW Worth Download (2MB) Green Storage:   Metrics and MeasurementsDr. Erik RiedelDr. Patrick Chu Download (940K) Technologies for Green StorageDr. Alan Yoder Download (3MB)
Building the Green Data Center: Towards Best Practices and Technical ConsiderationsRick BauerDownload (2MB)    


Joseph White, Track Manager
Fibre Channel Technologies:  Current and FutureDr. M. K. JibbeSteve Wilson Download (2MB) SAS & SATA Combine to Change the Storage MarketMartin Czekalski
Harry Mason
Download (3.5MB)
SANs Across MANs and WANsDr. Joseph White Download (1.7MB)
Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE)John Hufferd Download (5.6MB) Ethernet Enhancements for Storage:  Deploying FCoESunil Ahluwalia
Errol Roberts
Download (1.9MB)
Comparing Server I/O Consolidation Solution:  iSCSI, Infiniband and FCoEGilles Chekroun
Errol Roberts
Download (2MB)
NAS and iSCSI Technology OverviewWolfgang Singer Download (1.2MB) SMB2 - Big Improvements in the Remote Filesystems ProtocolJames Pinkerton Download (1MB) Scaling NFS Through pNFSJosh Konkle
Omer Asad
Download (806K)
PCI Express and StorageRon Emerick Download (842K) Fabric Consolidation With InfinibandDror Goldenberg Download (1.8MB) Six Sigma Performance Analysis for SAN SwitchesDan Iacona Download (2MB)


Eric Hibbard, Track Manager
Guarding the Jewels: A Primer on Storage Network SecurityRichard Austin Download (946K) First In the Digital Scene: A Forensic Primer for Storage ProfessionalsRichard Austin Download (2MB) ABCs of EncryptionRoger Cummings Download (814K)
An Introduction to Key Management for Secure StorageWalt Hubis Download (3MB) Best Practices for Key Management for Secure StorageWalt Hubis Download (1MB) Storage Security: Learning from Others Experiences PanelModerator: Blair Semple
Panelists: David Stevens,
Keith Bankston,
Robert Przykucki,
Eric Hibbard
Download (249K)
How E-Discovery Will Impact Your Life as a Storage Professional David Stevens Download (380) Information Security and IT ComplianceEric Hibbard Download (1MB) SCSI Security Nuts and BoltsRalph Weber
Download (704K)
Trusted Computing Group (TCG): Trusted Storage SpecificationDr. Michael Willett Download (3MB)    


Brandy Barton-Hammack, Track Manager
Consumer Storage and the Home Network:  A Tidal Wave of OpportunityRick Bauer Download (3.7MB) How to Choose and Evaluate Storage for Your Environment:  From the Consumer Point of ViewChris Lionetti Download (409K) Solid State Storage for the EnterpriseBrian McKean
Woody Hutsell
Download (1.4MB)
Storage Consolidation with IP StorageDavid Dale Download (919K) MAID Technology Adoption Into Data CentersChris Santilli Download (520K) Why Data Integrity is Important to YouRichard Vanderbilt Download (563K)

Storage Management

Marty Foltyn, Track Manager
An Introduction to Managing StorageRussell Warren Download (978K) High Availability Using Fault Tolerance in the SANMark Fleming Download (539K) Storage Resource Management:  Can You Get What You Want?John Webster Download (487K)
Lowering Storage TCO: Reducing Expenses By Increasing FunctionalityJamie Blomquist Download (952K) Solving Business-oriented Goals with SMI-SPaul von Behren Download (623K)  


Rob Peglar, Track Manager
Virtualization I - What, Why, Where and How?Rob Peglar Download (1.2MB) Storage Virtualization II - Effective Use of VirtualizationRob Peglar Download(1.2MB) Server Virtualization and Storage Disaster RecoveryRay Lucchesi Download (546K)
SMI-S:  Building the Case for a StandardPaul von Behren Download (706K) eXtensible Access Method (XAM) - A New Fixed Content APIMark Carlson Download (2.7MB) Storage and Virtualization:  Five Best Practices to Ensure SuccessMike Matchett Download (1.4MB)

Professional Development

David Deming, Track Manager
Eight Essential Elements of Excellent LeadersDavid Deming Download (3.6MB) Survivor Guide:  Leading in Difficult TimesHarriet Pea Download (1.6MB) Technical Teamwork and Team LeadershipHoward Goldstein Download (1.6MB)