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Spring 2008 SNIA Technical Tutorials

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Joshua Tseng, Track Manager
Recent Advances in WAN Acceleration TechnologiesJoshua Tseng Download (1008K) High Availability Using Fault Tolerance in the SANMark Fleming Download (376K)  

Data Management

Michael Fishman, Track Manager
Introduction to Data Protection: Backup to Tape, Disk and BeyondJason Iehl Download (597K) Trends in Data Protection and Restoration TechnologiesMichael Rowan Download (637K) Identifying and Eliminating Backup System Bottlenecks: Taking Your Existing Backup System to the Next LevelJacob Farmer Download (352K)
Deduplication Methods for Achieving Data EfficiencyDevin Hamilton Download(942K) Best Practices for Long-term Retention of Digital InformationMichael Peterson and Gary Zasman Download (729K) Records Managers and Storage Managers Speak:  Get the Real Story Behind ILMJohn Webster - Moderator
Panel:  Jenny Jolinski,
Wendy Betts, Lynn P. Herbert,
Marty LeFebvre Download (152K)
The Secret Sauce of ILMBob Rogers Download (767K) Classification:  The Cornerstone for Compliance and Cost-driven Information ManagementEdgar St.Pierre and
Sheila Childs
Download (653K)
Storage Considerations for Database Archiving Julie Lockner Download(473K)

File Management

Paul Massiglia, Track Manager
Unified NAS and iSCSI Technology OverviewWolfgang Singer Download (997K) A Crash Course in Wide Area Data ReplicationJacob Farmer Download (1MB) High Availability and Disaster Recovery for NAS SystemsPaul Massiglia Download (640K)

Green Storage

SW Worth, Track Manager
Green Storage I - Economics, Environment, Energy and EngineeringSW Worth Download (1MB) Building the Green Data Center:  Towards Best Practices and Technical ConsiderationsSol Squire and Rick Bauer Download (725KB) Growing the Green Storage EnvironmentMiklos Sandorfi Download (190K)


Howard Goldstein, Track Manager
Fibre Channel Technologies:
Current and Future
Dr. M. K. Jibbe, Steven
Wilson and Tom Hammond-Doel
Download (2MB)
IP Storage Protocols - iSCSI    John Hufferd Download (2MB) Comparing Server I/O Consolidation Solutions:
iSCSI, Infiniband and FcoE
Walter Dey, Gilles Chekroun
and Errol Roberts
Download (1.16MB)
SAS & SATA Combine to Change the Storage MarketMarty Czekalski and
Harry Mason
Download (2MB)
Ethernet TechnologySunil Ahluwalia and
Manoj Wadekar
Download (637K)
Infiniband Technology OverviewDror Goldenberg Download (873K)
FCoE: Fibre Channel Over EthernetJohn Hufferd Download (3MB) PCI Express and StorageRon Emerick Download (449K) TCP/IP Optimizations for
High Performance WANs
Joseph White Download (867K)


Eric Hibbard, Track Manager
Saving Private Data:  An Introduction to Storage SecurityRichard Austin Download (318K) ABCs of EncryptionRoger Cummings Download (518K) An Introduction to Key Management for Secure StorageWalt Hubis Download (7MB)
Storage Security Panel: Learning from Others ExperiencesBlair Semple, Moderator
Panelists: David Murray, Dave
Stauffacher, Neil Strand
Download (147K)
TCG TrustedStorage SpecificationsJason Cox Download (930K) SCSI Security Nuts and BoltsRalph Weber Download (291K)
Information Security and IT ComplianceRoger Cummings and Frank Bunn Download (1MB) How E-Discovery Will Impact Your Life as a Storage ProfessionalDavid Stevens Download (330K)  


Brandy Barton-Hammack, Track Manager
Desktop, Nearline and Enterprise HDDs - What's the Difference?Willis Whittington Download (1.6MB) Storage Performance 101Ray Lucchesi Download (288K) The Storage Evolution:  From Blocks, Files and Objects to Object Storage SystemsChristian Bandulet Download (1.7MB)
Storage Consolidation with IP StorageDavid Dale Download (420K) Solid State Storage for the EnterpriseWoody Hutsell and Brian McKean Download (852K) Continuous Available Commodity StorageDr. Rekha Singhal and Zia Saquib Download (460K)
Advanced iSCSI Management CapabilitiesGene Nagle Download (480K) Consolidated Primary and Secondary Data StorageJohn Matze Download (348K)  

Storage Management

Marty Foltyn, Track Manager
An Introduction to Managing StorageRussell Warren Download (516K) Storage Resource Management - Managing SAN Costs and ComplexityJerry Duggan Download (3.2MB) SRM - Can You Get What You Want?John Webster Download (224K)
The Real World State of Storage ManagementJulie Ryan Download (3.3MB) Storage Management Within the NEW ITIL Version 3 ContextDr. D. A. Robinson Download (3.7MB)  


Rob Peglar, Track Manager
Storage Networking Standards: Recent DevelopmentsDavid Black Download (588K) Virtualization I - What, Why, Where and How?Rob Peglar Download (688K) Storage Virtualization II - Effective Use of VirtualizationRob Peglar Download (520K)
Server and Storage Virtualization with IP StorageDavid Dale Download (1.2MB) Storage Management: SMI-S to Management FrameworksMark Carlson Download (640K) SMI-S:  Building the Case for a StandardPaul von Behren and Mike Walker Download (324K)
eXtensible Access Method (XAM) - A New Fixed ContentMark Carlson Download (1.5MB) Best Practices in Managing Virtualized EnvironmentsMike Matchett Download (1.0K)  

Professional Development

David Deming, Track Manager
Trustology - The Secret Sauce of Productive Teams and Profitable OrganizationsDavid Deming Download (648K) Best Practices for InnovationLynne VanArsdale Download (377K) Marketing for Geeks:  Why You Should Care About Storage ServicesHarriet Pea Download (482K)
Building Magnificent Technical PresentationsHoward Goldstein Download (4MB)