Spring 2009 SNIA Technical Tutorials

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Applications Infastructure

Josh Tseng, Track Manager
Consumer Storage and the Home Network Area:  A Tidal Wave of Opportunity
Rick Bauer download (4MB)
Running Database Applications on NAS:  How and Why?
Stephen Daniel download (385K)
Cloud Storage:  The New Paradigm for Accessing Storage as a Service
Ashvin Kamaraju
Philippe Nicolas
download (624K)
Fundamental Approaches to WAN Optimization
Josh Tseng download (1 MB)

Data Protection and Management

Michael Fishman, Track Manager
Introduction to Data Protection:  Backup to Tape, Disk and BeyondJason Iehl download (830K) Trends in Data Protection and Restoration TechnologiesMichael Fishman download (1MB) Understanding Data DeduplicationDaniel Budiansky
Larry Freeman
download (501KMB)
In the Face of Litigation:  Best Practices for Retention, Discovery and DeletionMichael Peterson download (2MB) Retaining Information for 100 YearsMary BakerRoger Cummings download (641K) The Business Case for Database Information ManagementGary Zasman
Julie Lockner
download (682K)
A Crash Course in Wide Area Data Replication
Jacob Farmer download (881K)

File Systems and File Management

Paul Massiglia, Track Manager
The File Systems EvolutionChristian Bandulet download (2MB) Find and Select the Right File Storage for Your ApplicationsPhilippe Nicolas download (867K) pNFS - Parallel Storage for Grid and Enterprise Computing - (Panel Discussion)Moderator:  Joshua KonklePanelists: David Black,
Mark Carlson, Ken Gibson,
Brent Welch
download (294K)
DFS for Not-So-DummiesMattew Geddes download (669K) Exploiting Multi-Tier File Storage EffectivelyPaul Massiglia download (1MB) Using Classification to Manage File ServersNir Ben-Zvi download (1MB)
Massively Scalable File StoragePhilippe Nicolas download (1MB)    

Green Storage

SW Worth, Track Manager
Green Storage I:  Economics, Environment, Energy and EngineeringSW Worth download (2MB) Technologies for Green StorageAlan Yoder download (4MB) Building the Green Data Center:  Towards Best Practices and Technical ConsiderationsRick Bauer download (2MB)
Green Storage II:  Metrics and MeasurementsErik Riedel download (1MB) Holistic Approach to Optimizing Energy Efficient Data StorageWilliam Mottram download (2MB)  


Joseph White, Track Manager
Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE)John Hufferd download (6MB) Ethernet Enhancements for Storage:  Deploying FCoESunil Ahluwalia
Errol Roberts
download (2MB)
IP SANs - How to Consolidate and Maintain High UtilizationDave Zenz download (569K)
Fibre Channel Technologies:  Current and FutureM. K. Jibbe
Steve Wilson
download (2MB)
pNFS, Parallel Storage for Grid and Enterprise ComputingJoshua Konkle download (452K) Fabric Consolidation With InfinibandDror Goldenberg download (2MB)
PCI Express Impact on Storage Architectures and CapabilitiesRon Emerick download (840K) SANs Across MANs and WANsJoseph White download (2MB) SAS and SATA Changes the Storage Market LandscapeHarry Mason
Marti Czekalski
download (4MB)


Eric Hibbard, Track Manager
Introduction to Information AssuranceEric Hibbard download (680K) SNIA Storage Security Best PracticesEric Hibbard download (361K) A CISO's View of the Storage EcosystemAndrew Nielsen download (721K)
How E-Discovery Will Impact Your Life as a Storage ProfessionalDavid Stevens download (394K) Computing or Litigating in the Cloud - Emerging Issues in E-Discovery, Search and Digital Evidence ManagementSteven Teppler download (1MB) Storage Security - Learning from Others Experiences (Panel Discussion)Moderator:  Blair Semple
Panelists:  David Stevens,
Steven Teppler,
Eric Hibbard 
download (246K)
Preparing for a Security Audit:  Best Practices for Storage ProfessionalsBlair Semple
download (319K)
ABCs of EncryptionRoger Cummings download (830K) An Introduction to Key Management for Secure StorageWalt Hubis download (3MB)
Self-Encrypting DrivesMichael Willett download (5MB)    

Solid State Storage

Rob Peglar, Track Manager
Overview and Current Topics in Solid State StorageRob Peglar download (1MB) NAND Flash-based Solid State Storage Performance--An In-depth LookJonathan Thatcher download (3MB) Storage Class Memory - the Future of Solid State StoragePhil Mills download (3MB)
Solid State Storage in a Hard Disk PackageBrian McKean download (363K) Solid State Storage Reliability and Data Integrity--An In-depth LookJonathan Thatcher download (2MB) Economics of Solid State Storage:  Perception and RealityNeal Ekker
Terry Yoshii
download (691K)


Brandy Barton-Hammack, Track Manager
Storage Consolidation With IP Storage David Dale download (885K) Enterprise Class Mass Storage:  Innovative Approaches to Disk-based Active Archive StorageWilliam Mottram download (1MB)  

Storage Management

Marty Foltyn and Wendy Betts, Track Managers
Introduction to Storage ManagementRussell Warren download (851K) A Promise Kept:  Understanding the Monetary and Technical Benefits of STaaS ImplementationMark Kaufman download (1MB) High Availability Fault Tolerance in the SANWendy Betts download (536K)
Help!  My User Base Eats Storage for Lunch!  How Does a Storage Manager Show Cost Transparency?Wendy Betts download (691K) SRM:  Can You Get What You Want?John Webster download (520K)  


Rob Peglar, Track Manager
Storage Virtualization I - What, Why, Where and How?Rob Peglar download (1MB) Storage Virtualization II - Effective Use of VirtualizationRob Peglar download (3MB) Best Practice in Managing Virtualized EnvironmentsPeter Lauterbach download (2MB)
SNIA XAM:  Technology and Application UsageMark Carlson
Mark Sassure
download (3MB)
Solving Business-oriented Goals With SMI-SPaul von Behren download (404K)  

Professional Development

David Deming, Track Manager
Eight Essential Elements of Excellent LeadersDavid Deming download (4MB) Technical Team Work and Team LeadershipHoward Goldstein download (1MB) Brain Management - A Strategy for Difficult TimesCarole Kammen download (1MB)