2010 Fall Tutorials

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Cloud Technologies

Wendy Betts, Josh Tseng, Mark Carlson, Track Managers
Cloud Storage Client Rich Ramos download  (357 KB) Interoperable Cloud Storage with the CDMI StandardMark Carlson download(3 MB) view video The Role of WAN Optimization in Cloud InfrastructureJosh Tseng download (759 KB)
Cloud Storage SecurityGordon Arnold download (561 KB) Cloud Storage Security with a Focus on CDMI Eric Hibbard download (609 KB)


The Business Case for Cloud Marty Stogsdill
Dean Neumann

download (153 KB)
Deploying Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Computing
Marty Stogsdill
Dean Neumann

download (3 MB)


Data Protection and Management

Michael Fishman, Track Manager
Introduction to Data Protection: Backup to Tape, Disk and Beyond Michael Fishman download (598 KB)
Long-term Preservation of Digital Information Mary Baker
Roger Cummings

download (367 KB)
Trends in Data Protection and Restoration Technologies
Jason Iehl
download (493 KB)
Archiving for Data Protection for the Modern Data Center
Molly Rector
Tony Walker

download (2 MB)
Deduplication's Role in Disaster Recovery
Thomas Rivera
download (2 MB)



Rob Peglar, Track Manager
Data Center Transformation - Beyond the Hype
Russ Fellows
download (534 KB)
The Benefits of Solid State in Enterprise Storage Systems
David Dale
download (775 KB)
File Systems: What They Are and Why You Care
Paul Massiglia
download (781KB)


File Systems and File Management

Paul Massiglia, Track Manager
The File Systems Evolution
Christian Bandulet
Paul Massiglia

download (1 MB)
Tiered File System - Without Tiers
Nick Kirsch
download (684 KB)

File Systems for Object Storage Devices
Craig Harmer
Paul Massiglia

download (943 KB)

Storage Tiering and the Impact of Flash on File Systems
Jonathan Goldick
download (173 KB)


Green Storage

SW Worth, Track Manager
Green Storage - the Big Picture
SW Worth
download (1.6 MB)
Green Storage Products: Efficiency with ENERGY STAR & Beyond
Eric Riedel
Patrick Stanko

download (1.1 MB)
Green Storage Technologies CAPEX and OPEX
Alan Yoder
download (1 MB)



Joseph White, Track Manager
Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE)
John Hufferd
download (3 MB)
Convergence in the Data Center
Amad Zamer
download (923 KB)
pNFS, parallel Storage for Grid Virtualization and Database Computing
Alex McDonald
download (550 KB)
PCI Express Impact on Storage Architectures and Future Data Centers Ron Emerick
download (369 KB)
iSCSI: A Loss-less Ethernet Fabric with  DCB
Gary Gumanow
Jason Blosil

download (746 KB)
IP Storage Protocols iSCSI
John Hufferd
download (2.8 MB)


Professional Development

David Deming, Track Manager
Strategies to Success: Part 2 Now What?
David Deming
download (826 KB)
Men and Women in Technology
Patty Then
download (1 MB)
Leveraging Social Media to Your Advantage
Diana Eastty
Marty Foltyn

download (2 MB)



Gianna DaGiau, Track Manager
Data Encryption and Key Management - Part I & II 
Ray Lucchesi, Moderator
Gordon Arnold
Walt Hubis
Dr. Michael Willett
Brandon Hoff

download (2 MB)
Practical Secure Enterprise StorageWalt Hubis
download (507 KB)
Legal Issues Relevant to Storage
Eric Hibbard
download (282 KB)


Solid State Storage

Neil Ekker, Track Manager
Accelerating Applications and File Systems with Solid State
Jacob Farmer
download (2 MB)
Using Client Solid State Drives in Datacenter Applications
Tony Roug
download (1 MB)
Latency: The Heartbeat of a Solid State Disk
Levi Norman
download (481 KB)


Storage and Storage Management

Brandy Hammack, Track Manager
Understanding High Availability in the SAN
Mark Fleming
download (531 MB)
Writing Storage RFPs in 2010 - This is Not Your Father's Storage Array
John Webster
Larry Freeman

download (327 KB)
Storage Management Best Practices and Tips
Dave Anjan
download (291 KB)
SAS & SATA Combine to Change the Storage MarketHarry Mason
Marty Czekalski

download (3 MB)
Open Source & Standards: A Marriage Made in IT Heaven
Hope Hines
download (198 KB)
Server and Storage Consolidation with iSCSIDavid Dale
download (1.1 MB)



Rob Peglar, Track Manager
Storage Virtualization I: What, Why, When, Where, How?
Rob Peglar
download (858 KB)
Storage Virtualization II - Implementing and Managing Storage Virtualization
Rob Peglar
download (677 KB)
Trends in Application Recovery
Andreas Schwegmann
download (491 KB)