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The Abstracts

Strategies to Success: Part 2 Now What?
David Deming

In the last seminar of this series we learned how our brain functions when we are stressed and in reaction verses when we are calm and being responsible. We learned about our brainwaves and how to access calmness and creativity through breathing and meditation. This time we will go deeper to look at what causes reactions and how to stop yourself from going there, at least most of the time.     You will learn how to  empower yourself to deal with the tension in your life rather than being a victim of circumstances. If you didn't make the last seminar don't worry I will recap it before we get into the new material.

Men and Women in Technology
Patty Then

In spite of the tremendous job growth in the computing sector over the years there are some surprising statistics showing that women in this sector are moving away from a field that once was attractive to them.  Likewise men are leaving too although in much smaller numbers.  The culture and high pressure of the computing world affects men and women differently. This may be part to blame for the decline of women entering this sector.    In this session, we will explore some interesting statistics on the demographics that make up the IT workforce, and common challenges men and women face in advancing their IT careers. The intent of this session is to increase awareness and provide key strategies that can lead to a better path for career success.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase awareness of IT workforce related issues 
  • Discuss common IT career advancement challenges and provide career sustainability and advancement strategies

Leveraging Social Media to Your Advantage
Diana Eastty and Marty "Foltyn

Today’s X-generation infused workforce is comfortable and confident with social media in their non-professional lives and want the same access while on the job.   As IT professionals, how do you-or can you-effectively bring these new methods of communication into your organization?  When should you make the case for social media?  And what are the right uses for social media in the organization? 
This tutorial will review popular social media tools and discuss the issues involved in opening the organization to social media, with illustrations of how a company can leverage these tools for business practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the social media tools that can be used to match your objectives and how to engage with online influencers
  • Learn more about the social media work methods of the next generation of employees and how you can integrate their expectations and ideas into your business goals and deliverables. 
  • Better understand the opportunities and risks involved in an organization’s social media implementation