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Spring 2010 Tutorials


Cloud and Emerging Technologies

Wendy Betts, Josh Tseng, Mark Carlson, Track Managers
WAN Optimization and Cloud ComputingJosh Tsengdownload (2MB) Cloud ArchivingPaul Fielddownload (687K) The Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI): The Storage StandardMark Carlsondownload (3MB)
Sunshine User Base Accountability With Your Cloud StorageWendy Betts, David Stevensdownload (924K)    


Data Protection and Management

Michael Fishman, Track Manager
Introduction to Data Protection: Backup to Tape, Disk and BeyondMichael Fishmandownload (857K) Trends in Data Protection and Restoration TechnologiesJason Iehl, Andreas Schwegmanndownload (1MB) Understanding Data DeduplicationTom Sasdownload (804K)
Retaining Information for 100 YearsMary Baker, Roger Cummingsdownload (616K) Active Archive: Data Protection for the Modern Data CenterMolly Rector, Dr. Rainer Pollak Download(907K) Deduplication's Role in Disaster RecoveryThomas Riveradownload (1MBK)



Rob Peglar, Track Manager
Executive Overview and Current Topics on Solid State StorageRob Peglardownload (2MB) File Systems: What They Are and Why You CarePaul Massiglia, SW WorthDownload (1MB) Green Storage - The Big PictureSW WorthDownload(3MB)
An Introduction to Storage ManagementRaymond Clarkedownload (1MB)    


File Systems and File Management

Paul Massiglia, Track Manager
The File Systems EvolutionChristian Banduletdownload Tutorial (2MB) download White Paper (2MB) Scale-Out Storage SystemsNicholas Kirschdownload (557K) File Systems for Object Storage DevicesPaul Massiglia, Tushar Tambaydownload (2MB)
Storage Tiering and the Impact of Flash on File SystemsJonathan Goldickdownload (402K) Aspects of DeduplicationDominic Kay, Mark Maybeedownload (341K)  


Green Storage

SW Worth, Track Manager
Green Storage Products - Efficiency with ENERGY STAR® and BeyondDr. Erik Riedeldownload (1MB) Green Storage Technologies and Your Bottom LineDr. Alan Yoderdownload (4MB)  



Joseph White, Track Manager
TCP/IP Inside the Data Center and BeyondDr. Joseph Whitedownload (2MB) IP Storage Protocols: iSCSIJohn Hufferddownload (3MB) PCI Express Impact On Storage Architectures and Future Data CentersRon Emerickdownload (770K)
pNFS Parallel Storage for Grid, Virtualization and Database ComputingJoshua Konkle, Pranoop Erasanidownload (896) Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE)John Hufferddownload (5MB) iSCSI: A Lossless Ethernet Fabric with DCBGary Gumanow, Jason Blosildownload (2MB)


Professional Development

David Deming, Track Manager
Strategies for Success:  Techniques for Reducing Stress and Increasing CreativityDavid Demingdownload (2MB) Men and Women in TechnologyPatty Thendownload (3MB) Using Social Media to Your AdvantageDiana Eastty, Marty Foltyndownload (209K)
Delivering Ideas: Strategies for Impromptu SpeakingBrian Castellidownload (267K)    



Gianna DaGiau, Track Manager
Introduction to Storage SecurityEric Hibbarddownload (760K) Self-encrypting Storage: Comparing AlternativesMichael Willettdownload (3MB) An Introduction to Key Management for Secure StorageWalt Hubisdownload (2MB)
An Inside Look at Imminent Key Management StandardsMatthew Balldownload (598K) Legal Issues Relevant to StorageEric Hibbarddownload (460K) How E-Discovery Will Affect Your Life as a Storage ProfessionalDavid Stevensdownload (430K)
Cloud Storage Security IntroductionGordon Arnold Download (308K) Cloud Storage Securing CDMIEric Hibbarddownload (599K)


Solid State Storage

Neil Ekker, Track Manager
Apples to Apples, Pears to Pears in SSS Performance BenchmarkingEsther Spanjerdownload (2MB) Latency: The Heartbeat of a Solid State DiskLevi Normandownload (1MB) The Benefits of Solid State in Enterprise Storage Systems: Today and TomorrowDavid Dale Download (1MB))
Using SSD MLC NAND in Datacenter ApplicationsTony Rougdownload (2MB) Solid State Storage ArchitecturesJamon Bowendownload (524K)  


Storage and Storage Management

Marty Foltyn and Brandy Hammack, Track Managers
Server and Storage Consolidation with iSCSI ArraysDavid Dale Download (1MB) Understanding High Availability in the SANMark Flemingdownload (585K) How to Eliminate Configuration Drift RiskGil Hechtdownload (1MB)
Notes and Lessons Learned from a Field EngineerRobert Smithdownload (244K) Open Source and Standards: A Marriage Made in HeavenHope Hinesdownload (806K) iSCSI SANs: Ideal Applications, Large and SmallJason Blosil, Gary Gumanowdownload (2MB)
SAS & SATA Combine to Change the Storage MarketMarty Czekalski, Terry Gibbonsdownload (4MB)    



Wendy Betts, Josh Tseng, Mark Carlson, Track Manager
Storage Virtualization I - What, Why, When, Where, How?Rob Peglardownload (1MB) Storage Virtualization II - Implementing and Managing Storage VirtualizationRob Peglardownload (1MB) Optimizing Your Storage for Server VirtualizationChris Lionettidownload (375K)
Data Center TransformationRuss Fellowsdownload (3MB)