Cloud and Emerging Technologies

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The Abstracts

WAN Optimization and Cloud Computing
Josh Tseng

Cloud computing promises to deliver potential gains in efficiency and cost savings by consolidating IT assets into public and private data centers.  However, cloud-hosted information assets must still be accessed by users over existing WAN infrastructures, where there are performance issues due to bandwidth and latency constraints.  Learn how WAN optimization is one of the key--and often overlooked--technology component necessary for the adoption of cloud computing.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the WAN-related performance problems and how they impact adoption of Cloud Computing technologies.
• Learn how WAN optimization has already facilitated the deployment of Private Clouds in use by thousands of enterprises today.
• Discover how WAN optimization can facilitate the adoption of Public Cloud infrastructure in the future.

Cloud Archiving
Paul Field

Many organizations are moving to cloud computing and cloud storage.  This session will explore how organizations can meet their information retention needs using cloud technologies and resources.  We look at how data is moved to the cloud and how retention policies are managed in the cloud.  We review various architectures on how a cloud archive can be built, from private to public and hybrid models using an organization’s existing information management resources.

Learning Objectives

• Define cloud archiving
• Understand how cloud resources can be leveraged to provide information retention
• Show examples of how a cloud archive could be built using public, private and hybrid cloud resources

Sunshine User Base Accountability With Your Cloud Storage
Wendy Betts, David Stevens

In today’s data center storage is the fastest growing component, this as storage managers are faced with the daunting task of reducing cost while keeping up with service levels.  The DBA’s insist their applications need to have the high end storage devices because their application is the most important to the success of the business.  While the accountant down the hall has saved no less than 10 copies of last month’s ledgers because she wants to make sure they don’t lose it.  How does a storage manager manage his user base?  By making the financial costs of storage transparent to the user population.  This presentation is designed to help you get create chargeback system for your storage systems as well as tips on how to communicate the storage costs to your user base.

The Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI):  The Cloud Storage Standard
Mark Carlson

The SNIA has published the CDMI Cloud Storage standard for implementation by cloud storage vendors as well as Public and Private clouds. This tutorial will overview the features of the new standard and explain how interoperability between clouds is achieved. Now that the standard is available, what should you be requiring from your cloud vendors? How can you expect this standard to roll out in implementations?

Learning Objectives

• How this cloud storage standard can achieve interoperability and what that means to you.
• How you can use the cloud storage standard both internally for private clouds as well as for public clouds.
• Who has implementation plans for CDMI and how will the implementations roll out.