Green Storage

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The Abstracts

Green Storage Technologies Overview
Alan Yoder

This talk presents a technical overview of energy-conserving technologies pertinent to the storage industry. Relevant standards efforts in the SNIA and other organizations such as The Green Grid and ANSI are covered as well.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what is meant by "Energy Efficient Data Centers" 
  • Understand which storage-related technologies yield the greatest savings 
  • Learn about SNIA's new Emerald(tm) Program

Green Storage Products: Efficiency with ENERGY STAR.  SNIA Emerald Program and Beyond
Patrick Stanko, Carlos Pratt

This tutorial will cover storage-specific topics related to energy-efficiency and outline the current state of the industry. We will discuss a range of technologies that are currently considered "green storage" and the components of modern storage systems that impact energy consumption. We will discuss the SNIA Emerald program metrics used for measuring, managing and designing for power in storage systems. We will also outline ongoing efforts by the EPA ENERGY STAR® program and in the SNIA Green Storage Technical Work Group (TWG) to standardize metrics for measuring storage systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the storage-specific aspects of 'green' (especially energy and power) for storage components and aggregated products (e.g. arrays, controllers, appliances)  •
  • Outline considerations in how to measure and model storage energy and power; identify technologies that might reduce the ongoing energy costs of reliably maintaining data   
  • Overview SNIA Emerald storage power efficiency metrics  
  • Review other ongoing efforts to establish metrics and standards for more energy efficient storage.