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Spring 2011 Tutorials


Cloud and Emerging Technologies

Wendy Betts, Josh Tseng, Mark Carlson, Track Managers
Interoperable Cloud Storage With the CDMI StandardMark Carlson, Marty Stogsdilldownload (3 MB) The Role of WAN Optimization in Cloud InfrastructuresJosh Tsengdownload (825 KB) Cloud Backup and Recovery RequirementsAshar Baigdownload (267 KB)
The Business Case for CloudAlex McDonalddownload (350 KB) Capacity Optimization Technologies for the CloudThomas Riveradownload (274 KB)  


Data Protection and Management

Michael Fishman, Track Manager
Advanced Deduplication ConceptsLarry Freeman, Tom Pearcedownload (807 KB) Trends in Data Protection and Restoration TechnologiesJason Iehldownload ( 460 KB) Introduction to Data Protection: Backup to Tape, Disk and BeyondMichael Fishmandownload (465 KB)
Trends in Application RecoveryAndreas Schwegmanndownload (807 KB) Dedupe's Role in Disaster RecoveryGene Nagle, Thomas Riveradownload (729 KB)  


File Systems and File Management

Paul Massiglia, Track Manager
Tiered File Systems Without TiersLaura Sheparddownload (692 KB) Scale and Availability Considerations for Cluster File SystemsDavid Noydownload (431 KB) File Systems for Data ProtectionWindsor Hsudownload (601 KB)
The File Systems EvolutionChristian Banduletdownload (2 MB) NAS Storage Management Best Practices and Tips Dave Anjandownload (374 KB)  


Green Storage

SW Worth, Track Manager
Green Storage - The Big PictureSW Worthdownload (2 MB) Green Storage Technologies, CAPEX and OPEXDr. Alan Yoderdownload (2 MB)  



Joseph White, Track Manager
Design and Implementations of FCoE for the DataCenterMichael Frasedownload (2 MB) Data Center Evolution and Network ConvergenceDr. Joseph Whitedownload (2 MB) PCI Express Impact on Storage Architectures and Future Data CenterRon Emerickdownload (434 KB)
Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE)John Hufferddownload (3 MB) IP Storage Protocols: ISCSIJohn Hufferddownload (2 MB)  


Professional Development

David Deming, Track Manager
Strategies to Success: Part 2 Now What?David Demingdownload (766 KB) "Where Did I Put That?" - Helping to Better Manage Your Digital LifeRich Ramosdownload (101 KB) Leveraging Social Media in Your OrganizationDiana Eastty, Marty Foltyndownload (2 MB)



Gianna DaGiau, Track Manager
Storage Security Tutorial With a Focus on Cloud StorageGordon Arnolddownload (562 KB) Securing the Cloud - Using Encryption and Key Management to Solve Today's Cloud Security ChallengesSteve Pate,  Tushar Tambaydownload (745 KB) Legal Issues Relevant to StorageDavid Stevensdownload (282 KB)
SNIA Storage Security Best PracticesGordon Arnolddownload (206 KB) Self Encrypting Drives: Simple, Yet PowerfulDr. Michael Willettdownload (1 MB) ABCs of Data Encryption for StorageEric Hibbarddownload (277 KB)
Introduction to Storage SecurityEric Hibbarddownload (601 KB Cryptography DecipheredDr. Michael Willettdownload (811 KB)  


Solid State Storage

Joseph White, Track Manager
The Benefits of Solid State in Enterprise Storage SystemsDavid Daledownload (683 KB) SNIA Solid State Storage Performance Test SpecificationEasen Hodownload (5 MB) Are SSDs ready for Enterprise Storage Systems?Anil Vasudevadownload (2 MB)
Leveraging Flash Memory in Enterprise Storage Arrays for Solid State DevicesMatt Kixmoellerdownload (678 KB) Apples to Apples, Pears to Pears in SSS Performance BenchmarkingEsther Spanjerdownload (2 MB)  


Storage and Storage Management

Marty Foltyn, Track Manager
Writing Storage RFPs in 2011John Websterdownload (133 KB) Data Centered Storage ... Spend Less, Deliver MoreHubbert Smithdownload (756 KB) Implementing Large Scale Storage Management InfrastructuresErwin van Londendownload (459 KB)
Shareable Storage With Switched SAS
Terry Gibbonsdownload (481 KB)
Get Ready for SupportErwin van Londendownload (147 KB)  



Josh Tseng, Track Manager
Virtualization I -Who, What, Why When?Rob Peglardownload (904 KB) Virtualization II - Effective Use of VirtualizationRob Peglardownload (662 KB) Three Virtualization Management Myths BustedRich Corleydownload (488 KB)
Understanding High Availability in the SANMark Flemingdownload (553 KB)