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The Abstracts

Virtualization Practices: Providing a Complete Virtual Solution in a Box

Virtualization has gained wide adoption in enterprise in various forms from consolidating servers to providing massive virtual desktop infrastructure for capital expense as well as operational expense reductions. In this presentation, configuration and deployment for providing a complete virtual solution in a box that involves virtual storage appliance, virtual clients, and virtual switches will be explained. In addition, performance tuning, troubleshooting options, and deployment scenarios will be examined.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts of providing a complete virtual solution in a box.
  • Examine the various options on performance tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Compare the different deployment scenarios and benefits.

VDI Optimization - Real World Learnings
Russ Fellows

Virtual Desktop Initiatives, or VDI is a growing trend.  A key aspect of VDI success is an understanding of the architectural choices, and their impact on performance.  Storage is at the heart of VDI and a well thought out architecture can literally determine the difference between success and failure.    Evaluator Group has worked with IT organizations to help architect optimal VDI architectures.  We will explore the critical storage features needed for Virtual Desktop Initiatives (VDI).  The focus will be on storage system features required to meet the performance, and TCO levels necessary for a successful VDI project.  The recommendations are taken from hands on experience implanting VDI projects in mid-sized and large IT environments.  The emphasis will be on practical configuration options and how best to leverage specific storage features in order to maximize storage performance and efficiency.

Learning Objectives

  • Architectures and technologies that minimize redundancy and optimize performance and ensure VDI success
  • How to enable VDI users customization while delivering high price / performance levels and reducing IT administration overhead of VDI
  • Understand what makes some VDI projects successful while others fail.  Tools and techniques for delivering a VDI implementation that users and CIO’s love