SNIA Tutorials

Spring 2012 Tutorials


Cloud and Emerging Technologies

Mark Carlson and Josh Tseng Track Managers
Enterprise Architecture and the CloudMarty Stogsdilldownload (X MB) The Role of WAN Optimization in Cloud InfrastructuresJosh Tsengdownload (1 MB) Interoperable Cloud Storage with the CDMI StandardMark Carlsondownload (5 MB)
The Business Case for CloudAlex McDonalddownload (797 KB) Cloud Archive & Long-term Preservation Challenges and Best PracticesSebastian Zangaro, Chad Thibodeaudownload (2 MB) Is the Cloud Ready for Dedup?Jered Floyddownload (115 KB)


Data Protection and Management

Michael Fishman, Track Manager
Introduction to Data Protection: Backup to Tape, Disk and BeyondFrank Hollimandownload (568 MB) Trends in Data Protection and Restoration TechnologiesMichael Fishman download (536 KB) Rethinking Archiving:  Exploring and Path to Improved IT Efficiency and Maximizing Value of Archiving Solution InvestmentsMarshall Amaldas
Brad Nisbet
download (650 KB)
Advanced Data Reduction ConceptsGene Nagle
Thomas Rivera
download (382 KB)
Bringing Light to the "Digital Dark Age" - Preserving Digital Information for the Long TermRoger Cummingsdownload (538 KB)  


File Systems and File Management

Paul Massiglia, Track Manager
The File Systems EvolutionPaul Massigliadownload (2 MB) Understanding Enterprise NASAnjan Dave download (243 KB)  


Green Storage

SW Worth, Track Manager
Green Storage - the Big Picture ("Green is more than kWh!")SW Worth download (2.8 MB) Technologies for Green StorageDr. Alan Yoder download (1 MB)  



Joseph White, Track Manager
Data Center Evolution and Network ConvergenceDr. Joseph Whitedownload (2 MB) Best Practice and Deployment of the Network for iSCSI, NAS and DAS in the Data CenterSamir Sharmadownload (1 MB) The Confusion Arising from Converged Multi Hop FCoE TopologiesSimon Gordondownload (2 MB)
Fibre Channel over EthernetJohn Hufferddownload (4 MB) pNFS & NFSv4.2; a Filesystem for Grid, Virtualization and DatabaseAlex McDonalddownload (342 KB) PCI Express IO Virtualization OverviewRon Emerickdownload (498 KB)
FCoE Direct End-Node to End Node (aka FCoE VN2VN)John Hufferddownload (2 MB)    


Professional Development

David Deming, Track Manager
Can U B Social?  Defining Social Media for Your OrganizationMarty Foltyn
Diana Eastty
download (2 MB)
Reaction Management and Self-facilitation TechniquesDavid Deming download (740 KB) Building Magnificent Technical PresentationsHoward Goldsteindownload (4 MB)



Gianna DaGiau, Track Manager
A Hype-free Stroll through Cloud Storage SecurityEric Hubbarddownload (573 KB) Storage Security - The ISO/IEC StandardEric Hibbarddownload (160 KB) Implementing Stored-Data EncryptionMichael Willettdownload (1 MB)
Got Lawyers?  They've Got Storage and ESI in the Cross-hairs!Eric Hibbarddownload (220 KB)    


Solid State Storage

Paul Massiglia, Track Manager
Solid State Storage - Key to Next Enterprise & Cloud Infrastructures StorageAnil Vasudeva download (1 MB) Leveraging Flash Memory in Enterprise StorageLuanne Dauberdownload (1 MB) The Benefits of Solid State in Enterprise Storage SystemsDavid Daledownload (689 KB)
Understanding SSD Performance:  Using the SSS PTS to Evaluate and Compare SSD PerformanceEsther Spanjer
Easen Ho
download (6 MB)
Comparing the Three Homes for SSD in the InfrastructureErik de la lglesiadownload (349 KB) SSD and Deduplication - The End of Spinning DiskJered Floyddownload (95 KB)


Storage and Storage Management

Marty Foltyn, Track Manager
Understanding High Availability in the SANMark Flemingdownload (619 KB) Storage Performance ManagementBrett Allisondownload (807 KB) What's Old is New Again - Storage TieringLarry Freemandownload (693 KB)
NextGen Storage for Big Data SystemsAnil Vasudevadownload (2 MB) Writing Storage RFPs in 2012John Websterdownload (532 KB) SAS the Emerging Storage FabricHarry Mason
Marty Czekalski
download (3 MB)
Operating System Storage Performance AnalysisRobert Smithdownload (709 KB)    



Josh Tseng, Track Manager
Virtualization Practices: Providing a Complete Virtual Solution in a Box Jyh-shing Chendownload (504 KB) Virtualization I - Who, What, Why, When?Walt Hubisdownload (957 KB) Virtualization II - Effective Use of VirtualizationWalt Hubisdownload (821 KB)