2015 SNIA Tutorials - Data Storage Innovation Conference

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2015 Data Storage Innovation Conference
The Continued Evolution of Fibre ChannelMark Jones download Introduction to Data Protection: Backup to Tape, Disk and BeyondThomas Riveradownload Storage Security Best PracticesEric Hibbarddownload
Solid-State Deployments - Recommendations for POC'sRuss Fellowsdownload Trends in Data ProtectionGideon Senderovdownload SAS: The Fabric for Storage SolutionsMarty Czekalski
Greg McSorley
PCIe Shared IOJeff Dodsondownload Implementing Stored-Data EncryptionMichael Willettdownload SMB Remote File Protocol (Including SMB 3.x)Jose Barretodownload
NFS, pNFS and FedFS: A Modern Datacenter Network ProtocolAlex McDonalddownload Containers: Future of Virtualization & SDDCAnil Vasudevadownload Massively Scalable File StoragePhilippe Nicolasdownload
Using Leading-Edge Building Blocks to Virtual Deploy Scale-out Data Infrastructure Craig Dunwoodydownload Object Storage – Key Role in Future of Big DataAnil Vasudevadownload Protecting Data in the Big Data WorldThomas Riveradownload
Utilizing VDBench to Perform IDC AFA TestingMichael Aultdownload Data Protection in Transition to the CloudDavid Chapadownload Advanced Data Reduction ConceptsTom Sasdownload