2014 Data Storage Innovation Conference Tutorials

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2014 Data Storage InnovationConference
Storage in the DIMM SocketAdrian Proctordownload Protecting Data in the "Big Data" WorldThomas Riveradownload Benefits of Flash in Enterprise StorageDavid Daledownload
Data Protection in Transition to the CloudDavid Chapadownload Reaching to the CloudSubo Guhadownload Rightsizing Tiered Storage SystemsOctavian Paul Rotarudownload
Combining SNIA Cloud, Tape and Container Format Technologies for Long Term RetentionSam Fineberg
Simona Rabinovici-Cohen
What is Old is New Again: Storage TieringGideon Senderovdownload SMB Remote File Protocol (Including SMB 3.0)John Reeddownload
Practical Steps to Implementing pNFS and NFSv4.1Alex McDonalddownload Introduction to Analytics & Big Data - HadoopThomas Riveradownload Forming Storage Grids Using iSCSIFelix Xavierdownload
Use Cases for iSCSI and FCoE: Where Each Makes SenseJeff Asherdownload What’s Your Shape? 5 Steps to Understanding Your Virtual WorkloadIrfan Ahmaddownload Practical Secure Storage: A Vendor Agnostic OverviewWalt Hubisdownload
SAS: The Fabric for Storage SolutionsMarty Czekalski
Greg McSorley
Best Practices for Cloud Security and PrivacyEric Hibbarddownload Consumerization of IT - What is Right for Your Organization?Marty Foltyndownload
Implementing Stored-Data EncryptionMichael Willettdownload Software Defined Storage – the New Storage PlatformAnil Vasudevadownload Performance and Innovation of Storage Advances through SCSI ExpressMarty Czekalski
Greg McSorley
Reaction Management - Trend for All Technology Professionals David Demingdownload Massively Scaliable File StoragePhilippe Nicholasdownload Delivering a Cloud ArchitectureAlex McDonalddownload