2014 Flash Memory Summit Tutorials


Flash Memory Summit 2014
Track Managers: Alex McDonald, Anjan Dave, David Deming, Gianna Dagiau, Thomas Rivera, Joseph White, Marty Foltyn, SW Worth
Synthetic Enterprise Workload TestingEden Kim download (520 KB) Case for Flash Storage – How it Can Benefit Your EnterpriseDejan Kocic download (568 KB) PCI Express and Its Interfaces to Flash Storage Architectures Ron Emerick download (682 KB
Benefits of Flash in Enterprise Storage SystemsAlex McDonald download (520 KB) Practical Secure Storage: A Vendor Agnostic OverviewWalt Hubis download (738 KB) SNIA Tutorial Panel - The Future of Flash MemoryModerator: Alex McDonald

Panelists: Walt Hubis
Eden Kim
Dejan Kocic
Ron Emerick

download (140 KB)

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