2015 Storage Developer Conference Tutorials

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2015 Storage Developer Conference
SCSI Standards and Technology UpdateRick Kutcipal
Greg McSorley
The NVDIMM Cookbook: A Soup-to-Nuts Primer on Using NVDIMMs to Improve Your Storage PerformanceJeff Chang
Arthur Sainio
FS Design Around SMR: Seagate’s Journey and Reference System with EXT4Adrian Palmerdownload
The NVM RevolutionPaul von Behrendownload NVDIMM-SSDs Tested to the SNIA SSD Performance Test SpecificationEden Kimdownload Windows Interoperability WorkshopChristopher Herteldownload
FCoE Direct End-Node to End-Node (aka FCoE VN2VN)John Hufferddownload Object Drives: A New Architectural Partitioning Mark Carlsondownload