SNIA Tutorials - How to Submit a Speaker Proposal

Developed by SNIA member participants, all SNIA Tutorials are peer-reviewed by members of the SNIA. Submissions are typically, but not exclusively, made by SNIA members, including vendors, training companies, analysts, consultants, and end-users. Given the technical education nature of these sessions, some topics may be covered in multiple, successive sessions with increasing complexity. Organized by track, SNIA Tutorials are vendor-neutral and are designed to give a consensus, industry view of particular topics of contemporary concern to the industry and its customers. Tutorials are jointly owned by the SNIA and the author and are produced, branded, and delivered by the SNIA.

Tutorial Speaking Opportunities

Technology Areas

  • Big Data
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Data Protection and Data Management  including long term retention and data preservation
  • File Systems and File Management (NFS, CIFS, Object)
  • Green Storage
  • Networking and Convergence
  • Security
  • Storage/Solid State Storage/ Storage Management
  • Virtualization/Applications


  • Big Data and Data Analytics Methodologies, frameworks, protocols, and systems
  • Cloud Storage Strategies, Process, Practice and Security
  • Convergence, Consolidation, and Virtualization of Infrastructure, Storage Devices, and Servers
  • Green Storage: Conservation / Minimization of Resources Associated with Storage
  • Methods and Techniques Associated with Information Preservation and Retention
  • Storage Management Best Practices from Both the User and Implementer's (VAR), Integrator, etc.) Perspectives
  • Perspectives on Industry Trends and Problems of Interest to Executives Within Manufacturers, Users, or Implementers
  • Storage Security Best Practices, Standards, Legal Implications, and Emerging Areas of Requirements and Concern
  • Future Directions for Storage and Networking Technologies

Speaker Requirements

Proposal acceptance is contingent upon authors/presenters/co-presenters/panelists agreeing to the following conditions and requirements: 

  1. Submitting requires an abstract with the intent to develop the abstract into a full presentation, meeting the guidelines and requirements of the SNIA Tutorial program outlined in the FAQ for SNIA Tutorials.
  2. Presentations are 40-minute sessions with 10 minutes for Q&A using the SNIA Education Tutorial PowerPoint template.
  3. Authors are required to sign the SNIA Copyright Agreement.
  4. Speakers/co-speakers/panelists are required to sign the Speaker Information and Audio/Video Agreement.  This form includes the opt-out option.
  5. All conference and panel speakers are responsible for their own travel.  Discounted rates have been arranged at the host hotel. (Be sure to mention that you are with the SNIA conference)

Submit a Tutorial Proposal

To submit a proposal for a SNIA tutorial, please complete the online form.

For more information about the proposal submission process or speaker opportunities at other events, contact