Storage Visions 2014 Tutorial Abstracts

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The Abstracts

The Changing Role of Data Protection in a Virtual World
Thomas Rivera

Backup administrators who have grown accustomed to traditional batch-oriented backup using a single local system are seeing their world change very quickly these days. Virtualized data centers with cloud computing and resilient, self-healing local and cloud storage combined with existing in-house systems are demanding completely new strategies for data protection. And even the functions and responsibilities of data protection administrators are changing at a fast pace. This tutorial presents the rapid changes and challenges in data protection brought about by storage, both local and cloud, that combines protection such as "time machines" (snapshots and versioning) with primary and secondary repositories. Following from those changes, the discussion will include methods being used by backup administrators as both temporary and long-term solutions to cope with these changes and to maximize their potential benefits.

Practical Secure Storage: A Vendor Agnostic Overview
Walt Hubis

This presentation will explore the important concepts and fundamental methods of implementing secure enterprise storage using current technologies to implement a practical system. The high level requirements that drive the implementation of secure storage for the enterprise, including legal issues, key management, current technologies available to the end user, and fiscal considerations will be explored in detail. In addition, actual implementation examples will be provided that illustrate how these requirements are applied to actual systems implementations.

What You Should Know About Solid State Storage
Marty Czekalski

This session will appeal to Data Center Managers, Development Managers, and those that are seeking an overview of Solid State Storage. It’s comprised of excerpts from SNIA Solid State Tutorials and other sources. It touches on the highlights of the driving factors behind Solid State Storage, it’s performance, endurance, interfaces, and future directions.

Big Data and the Urgency of College-Level Data Storage & Virtualization Curriculum
Ramin Elahi

The two most challenges facing the IT Managers and CTOs today are the unimaginable rapid growth of data and the 24/7 access to it. Accommodating, managing and sustaining the astronomical amount of corporate data access around the clock in the most secure environment is only possible through new technologies such as data center storage and virtualization. Today, majority of our computer science and Information Engineering programs in the North America are lacking the studies of these topics in their curricula; thus the graduating bodies will miss out on so many job opportunities offered by many industries in these areas. Many of these companies have to provide extensive training for their new hires on fundamental data storage and virtualization topics which are the building blocks of rapidly growing Cloud Computing & Services, and Big Data technologies. Today, few data storage companies have successfully forged academic alliances with various colleges to fill the gap for much needed data storage and virtualization savvy new-hires engineers and IT staff.