“Streaming Replication” of Object Storage System Data to achieve Disaster Recovery.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Object Storage is increasingly getting used on premises for a variety of use cases some of which consist of primary and critical applications. Such use cases and applications require enterprise grade Data protection and disaster recovery capabilities. Replication of S3 compatible Scale Out Object Storage presents unique challenges that are unlike found in traditional block or file storage. Replication of object storage system is done at individual bucket and object level and it not only has to deal with data replication but also object specific constructs like metadata and tags. Streaming replication provides a near synchronous and eventually consistent approach to replicate object storage data.

  • Describe S3 compatible scale out object storage internals and the Architecture for Streaming replication.
  • The metadata scale and challenges faced in replication of objects of large sizes and multipart objects.
  • The eventual consistency model for versioned objects, challenges of ordering of updates for various operations.

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