5 Ways to Convince Your CEO It’s Time for a Storage Refresh

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016
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Storage has historically stayed in its “box.” Any developments in the industry were contained to limited dimensions such as costs, feeds or speeds. But in today’s digital world, it’s not enough to just deliver data – all parts of your infrastructure must be able to answer ever-present data security questions, extract valuable insights, identify sensitive information and help protect critical data from incoming threats.

As you go through your next technology refresh, what benefits should your storage deliver to your business, and by which dimensions should you measure them? In this session, DataGravity Chief Technology Officer David Siles will address the new standards for aligning your storage platform with your data’s needs, and share tips for highlighting the consequences of outdated storage to your CEO. Your company’s critical data wasn’t created to live and die in a system that can’t maximize its value or protect it from risks.

Learning Objectives

Contextualize storage and IT from a C-level business perspective
Identify the storage strategy that best fits your data and company
Incorporate data security considerations to discover and protect sensitive data
Empower employees w/ increased productivity & collaboration, & ID insights that improve bottom line