Beyond Zoned Named Spaces – ZNSNLOG Bridging the Semantic Gap

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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When data processing engines are using more and more log semantics, it’s natural to extend Zoned Namespace to provide a native log interface by introduce variable size, byte append-able, named zones. Using the newly introduced ZNSNLOG interface, not only the storage device enables less write amplification/more log write performance, but more flexible and robust naming service. Given the trends towards a compute-storage disaggregation paradigm and more capable computational storage, ZNSNLOG extension enables more opportunities for near data processing.

  • The current semantical gap between (distributed) applications and block storage devices.
  • The proposed Named LOG extension contains three features: variable zones, byte level append, and naming service.
  • NLOG bridge the semantical gap between applications and the storage devices, PM included.

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