Bringing Persistent Memory Technology to SAP HANA: Opportunities and Challenges

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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The emerging Persistent Memory technology with its promise for enormous capacity, memory-like speed and non-volatility is a real game changer for in-memory database systems like SAP HANA. In this talk, we will discuss the tangible benefits that we expect this technology will bring to SAP HANA as we move from standard DRAM to Persistent Memory NVDIMMs, specifically enabling large customer data sizes at a lower cost as well as significant improvements in database restart times. Finally, we will give a glimpse of how we are evolving the SAP HANA architecture to incorporate NVDIMMs. We’ll discuss some of the challenges arising from having a hybrid DRAM + NVDIMM memory with lower bandwidth and higher latencies and how we are planning to overcome them.

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