Building on The NVM Programming Model – A Windows Implementation

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Monday, September 19, 2016
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In July 2012 the SNIA NVM Programming Model TWG was formed with just 10 participating companies who set out to create specifications to provide guidance for operating system, device driver, and application developers on a consistent programming model for next generation non-volatile memory technologies. To date, membership in the TWG has grown to over 50 companies and the group has published multiple revisions of The NVM Programming Model. Intel and Microsoft have been long time key contributors in the TWG and we are now seeing both Linux and Windows adopt this model in their latest storage stacks. Building the complete ecosystem requires more than just core OS enablement though; Intel has put considerable time and effort into a Linux based library, NVML, that adds value in multiple dimensions for applications wanting to take advantage of persistent byte addressable memory from user space. Now, along with Intel and HPE, Microsoft is moving forward with its efforts to further promote this library by providing a Windows implementation with a matching API. In this session you will learn the fundamentals of the programming model, the basics of the NVML library and get the latest information on the Microsoft implementation of this library. We will cover both available features/functions and timelines as well as provide some insight into how the open source project went from idea to reality with great contributions from multiple companies. Learning Objectives NVM Programming Model Basics The NVM Libraries (NVML) The Windows Porting Effort