Corporate/Open Source Community Relationships: The OpenZFS Example

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Thursday, September 22, 2016
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Corporations and the global Open Source community have had a colorful relationship over the decades with each group struggling to understand the priorities, abilities and role of the other. Such relationships have ranged from hostile to prodigiously fruitful and have clearly resulted in the adoption of Open Source in virtually every aspect of computing. This talk will explore the qualities and precedences of strong Corporate/Open Source relationships and focus on the success of the OpenZFS enterprise file system project as a benchmark of contemporary success. I will explore:

Historical and contemporary corporate/open source relationship precedences
Corporation/Project non-profit foundation relationships
Pragmatic project collaboration and event participation strategies
Motivations for relationship building
Learning Objectives

How do I work with the Open Source community?
What organizations can I turn to for guidance and participation?
What tangible resources can the community provide?