DAOS – An Architecture for Extreme Scale Storage

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Monday, September 21, 2015
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Three emerging trends must be considered when assessing how storage should operate at extreme scale. First, continuing expansion in the volume of data to be stored is accompanied by increasing complexity in the metadata to be stored with it and queries to be executed on it. Second, ever increasing core and node counts require corresponding scaling of application concurrency while simultaneously increasing the frequency of hardware failure. Third, new NVRAM technologies allow storage, accessible at extremely fine grain and low latency, to be distributed across the entire cluster fabric to exploit full cross-sectional bandwidth. This talk describes Distributed Application Object Storage (DAOS) – a new storage architecture that Intel is developing to address the functionality, scalability and resilience issues and exploit the performance opportunities presented by these emerging trends.

Learning Objectives

Exascale / Big Data
Scalable Distributed Storage Systems
Object Storage
Persistent Memory