Decentralized Cloud? How the intersection of blockchain, decentralization and open source is impacting cloud storage

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019
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Blockchain and decentralization are two technologies that every enterprise is considering for their long-term roadmaps. They have the potential to impact everything from edge computing to cybersecurity to hybrid environments and beyond. We often overlook that these technologies are also intrinsically linked to open source, and what that means to enterprises that have prioritized open source architectures.

Together, the trio of open source, blockchain, and decentralization is creating a pathway to decentralized cloud storage platforms that are much more performant, cost effective and secure than their centralized counterparts. Decentralized cloud storage also removes single points of failure, democratizes trust, improves accountability, and pushes data to the edge, closer to where it is utilized.

This presentation discusses the impact these three will have on cloud infrastructure. It will also address the techniques and technologies that decentralized cloud storage incorporates securely and reliably store data without sacrificing simplicity, including erasure coding, macaroons, parallel uploads and downloads, containers, kademlia, and more. Storage software developers, engineers, solution architects, product managers, and others who attend the meeting will learn all about decentralized storage, its inner workings, and leave with a better understanding if decentralization—powered by blockchain and open source—is right for the projects they are working on.

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