Empowering Real-Time Decision Making for Large-Scale Datasets with SSD-like Economics 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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In the technology-driven world, we live in, the speed of data access and the real-time nature of data can make or break a business for data-driven organizations. Hence many organizations leverage In-Memory solutions for real-time decision-making to capture trends and competitiveness. However, as the data set extends beyond memory footprints, many enterprises take performance & cost-compromised approach by limiting critical datasets in-memory for real-time and perceived less critical datasets in SSD storage, resulting in delayed business decisions and missed business opportunities. This session walks through a new class of data processors that enable in-memory type performance using SSD like cost economics with no performance or data sets compromise for real-time decision making. We will showcase how Redis with SSDs accelerated by a new class of data processor that can support 10x more data with performance and 4 9’s latency close to DRAM-based solutions.

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