ETracker – Track files on your laptop and enhance your storage using email

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011
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As humans we rely a lot on computers for doing day-to-day activities. This is driving personal computer data growth at a phenomenal pace – from photos to videos, movies to songs; we want to keep it all “online”. To make space, data is burnt on DVDs or addition of external storage. This results in multiple copies of data at multiple places making it difficult to track files when needed. Small home business (SOHO) imperatively require to backup critical data and from time-to-time need to archive legal documents with proper tracking of changes done to such documents. This presentation describes an application that can help in versioning, back-up and archive of files residing in a laptop to a public email system, like Gmail or yahoo mail, but can still be accessed from laptops seamlessly. It explains how to leverage Windows NTFS features for managing life-cycle of laptop files.

Learning Objectives

Leveraging public domain email system to backup and archive files on personal computer
Difference in this product as compared to other popular tools like Gmail Drive or Gspace
How to use NTFS features and free email to facilitate low cost backup/archive solution