How to Test CDMI Extension Feature Like LTFS, Data Deduplication, and OVF, Partial – Value Copy Functionality: Challenges, Solutions and Best Practice?

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Monday, September 21, 2015
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The Cloud Storage space has been outperforming the industry expectations as is evident in several Industry report. SNIA provided Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) specification is increasingly being adopted as a standard across the cloud.

The popularity of the CDMI specification can be judged by the present cloud storage market being flooded with CDMI server based products offered by many big and small cloud storage vendors. The SNIA Cloud Storage Technical Workgroup has been unceasingly working to address all storage challenges that exist in the storage domain. It is striving to provide support and solution for Data Deduplication, Open virtualization format (OVF), Partial Upload, server side partial value copy and LTFS as a primary cloud storage, managing Latency as well as backup and archival solution. TCS is focusing on maturing the Conformance Test Suite by adding more enhancements. In this proposal we will share the approach TCS will adopt to overcome the challenges in testing of LTFS integration with CDMI, Data Deduplication, partial upload on Server and Open Vitalization format (OVF) of CDMI and Non-CDMI based scenarios of the cloud products. Additionally, we will also be sharing challenges faced / learnings gathered from testing of CDMI Products for conformance. These learnings will help serve as a ready reference for organizations developing LTFS, Data Deduplication, OVF and partial upload in CDMI, Non-CDMI based product suite.

Learning Objectives

Understanding to develop test specification on LTFS Export and Test.
Understanding how to develop Test Specification on Server Side Partial-Value Copy Specification and Test.
Understanding to develop test specification on OVF and Partial Upload and Test.