Hyperconverged Infrastructures – What They Can Do and Where They’re Going

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Monday, June 13, 2016
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Hyperconverged infrastructures combine compute, storage and networking components into a modular, scale-out platform that typically includes a hypervisor and some comprehensive management software. The technology is usually sold as self-contained appliance modules running on industry-standard server hardware with internal HDDs and SSDs. This capacity is abstracted and pooled into a shared resource for VMs running on each module or ‘node’ in the cluster.

Hyperconverged infrastructures are sold as stand-alone appliances or as software that companies or integrators can use to build their own compute environments for private or hybrid clouds, special project infrastructures or department/remote office IT systems.

Learning Objectives

Understand what hyperconvergence is – and is not
Understand the capabilities this technology can bring
Tour of current hyperconverged products
Discussion of where this technology is going