Interoperability Tools for CIFS/SMB/SMB2 (Day 2 2011)

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
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Interoperating with Windows can be significantly simplified by learning how to use the tools and resources available to you. Tools such as Network Monitor, Protocol Documentation and Test Suites, and Spec Explorer can help identify interoperability problems and assist in testing implementations. Resources such as Microsoft Support for protocol documentation and Interop Plugfests are invaluable for insuring your software will interoperate properly with the latest version of Windows, in particular CIFS/SMB/SMB2 systems. This presentation will detail the available tools and resources to help you understand the offering.

Learning Objectives

Using Protocol Test Suites and Spec Explorer to improve interoperability
How to user Network Monitor to identify the correct protocol documentation for a trace.
How to use Unified Messaging (ETW) and NetSh to gather traces.