Maximizing Flash Value with the Software-Enabled Flash™ SDK

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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The hyperscale cloud innovates through relentless optimization. Cloud providers are always looking for ways to maximize the efficiency of every hardware and software component they deploy. To help them achieve that goal, KIOXIA released the open source Software-Enabled Flash™ API, which redefines the relationship between the host and flash devices, and allows cloud-scale users to unlock the most value from their flash. By removing the impediment of legacy protocols used by current designs, and architecting a completely new way of using flash, Software-Enabled Flash technology delivers software-defined flash to hyperscale users.

Collaborating with hyperscale developers, KIOXIA made Software-Enabled Flash technology more powerful and easier to use with a new, higher-level SDK. This new SDK enables low-code prototyping and evaluation by providing high-level abstractions to speed application development and flash deployment. It enhances the Software-Enabled Flash ecosystem with a reference flash translation layer (FTL) and virtual I/O (VIRTIO) device, as well as command-line management and testing utilities. It also preserves full access to the low-level Software-Enabled Flash API primitives: workload isolation, quality of service management, latency outcome control, generation and vendor abstraction, and flash management offload. KIOXIA will present this new SDK and describe how it can be used by developers to solve storage challenges, and help derive the maximum value of deployed flash, at hyperscale.

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